bitemojo - the ultimate food discovery experience!

  • Completely independent - No guide, no group, it's just you and your smartphone.
  • Affordable price - 6 substantial bites, starting at €25 only
  • Earn free biteCredits - You will be able to use them anywhere in the world where there is a bitemojo experience.
  • The fairest experience - you can stop anytime and continue in another day, or even in another destination.

So where would you like to bitemojo?

The most hidden places, the most delicious bites, with nothing but your smartphone.

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"Very very cool"

Simon Guarda, Berlin

"The tour was excellent!!"

Eitan Koniarski, Berlin

"Even for locals it’s a nice idea!"

Ronja Schneeweîß, Berlin

"The Kreuzberg Tour was fantastic!"

Judith Fischer, Berlin

"Fab! Will repeat anytime 😊"

Christiane Karge, Berlin

"Very good tour"

Frank Meerkamp, Berlin

"Everything great!"

Christian Mentz, Berlin

Your Smartphone is all you need!
Pick your experience, taste delicious food, earn free bites
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Pick your bitemojo tour

Whether a food tour in Kreuzberg or Nightlife and alcohol in Jerusalem, bitemojo tours will only take you to the testiest places at every destination. Easily book on the site or directly within the bitemojo app.

Go for the bite-tour
Claim your bites easily

Arrived to one of our biteStops? Just say you’re from bitemojo and show them the special e-voucher. While your bite is being prepared you can read about your bite and the star behind it.

Go for the bite-tour
Tour at your own time & pace

Say goodbye to the guide and the group. bitemojo is all about you – deciding when to start, stop or bite. Use our ultra-friendly map that will navigate you between bites and hidden points of interest.

bite-credit-screen, bitemojo
Earn credits, get free bites

During your tour you can earn valuable biteCredits that will reward you with free bites in any bitemojo destination. Yes, in the world. So rate the bites, share the fun and bite the universe.

free-credits, bitemojo
Didn’t finish the tour? No problem

Became full just in the middle or had to finish early? No problem. Continue the tour a day, a week or a month after, or just turn the remaining bites into others anywhere else in the world. Yes, that’s correct.