Your Smartphone is all you need!
Take a bite out of Barcelona that never sleeps, and get to know the fantastic food scene that is happening on almost every corner. With bitemojo you can explore Barcelona’s culinary scene independently, at your own time and pace, without being tied to a guide or a group. There is the trendy Barcelona of the day, or the hipster Barcelona at night, a completely different experience. bitemojo tours let you explore the coolest places in a town filled with cool places. There are also a couple of tours for the vegans and vegetarians among you. So pick the tour that’s right for you and get immersed in one of the most exciting cities in the world. With bitemojo you can go on one or more of the most delicious tours of Barcelona around, and experience the city like a local, at your own time and pace. No need to pay for a guide, or to adapt yourself to a group. As for the tours themselves, the routes are fascinating, with 6 choice bites per tour and some 8-12 points of interest along the way. All you need is your phone. Independent, personal, all about what you want to do. And the price?  Only 30 Euros per person per tour.
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