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Recently joined us

Blutwurst Manufaktur, Berlin
Marcus Benser
by Marcus Benser
Bottega 6, Berlin
Giulio Tarantino
by Giulio Tarantino
Mama Kalo, Berlin
Markus Dimitrius
by Markus Dimitrius
Bergmann Curry, Berlin
by Wolfgang
Sommerfeld Spirituosen, Berlin
K. & Marcus Sommerfield
by K. & Marcus Sommerfield
Ceylans Feinkost, Berlin
Melek Seffan and Ibrahim Ceylan
by Melek Seffan and Ibrahim Ceylan
Kunst und Käse, Berlin
Ute Rohrbach
by Ute Rohrbeck
Vanille & Marille, Berlin
Falk Rahn
by Falk Rahn
Not Only Riesling, Berlin
Frank Böhm
by Frank Böhm
Maly Ksiaze, Berlin
Krystof Stasilo
by Krystof Stasilo
Atelier Cacao, Berlin
Nina Engel
by Nina Engel
Eisenberg's, Berlin
Tobias Eisenberg
by Tobias Eisenberg
Tigertörtchen, Berlin
Stefan Kels
by Stefan Kels
Königsberger Marzipan, Berlin
Ralf Bentlin
by Ralf Bentlin
Koshary Lux, Berlin
Michael Landeck
by Michael Landeck
Vinum, Berlin
Catharina d’Aprile von der Goltz
by Catharina d’Aprile von der Goltz
Factory Girl, Berlin
Cigdem Sözen-Strauss
by Cigdem Sözen-Strauss
Rises Delicacies, Berlin
Vasiliki Paizi
by Vasiliki Paizi
Côcô Bánh Mì, Berlin
Frau König
by Frau König
Blomeyer's Käse, Berlin
Fritz Lloyd Fritz Lloyd Blomeyer
by Fritz Lloyd Blomeyer
Dilipasha, Berlin
Akasch Sunder Raj
by Akasch Sunder Raj
La Piadina, Berlin
Jivka Stoyanova
by Jivka Stoyanova
Vegg and Bones, Berlin
Adi Adi Schwarz
by Adi Schwarz

What are we looking for

People driven by their passion for perfectionism

Unique, fresh cuisine
We are looking for a culinary leader who makes unique, fresh, authentic food or drink and someone who is prepared to offer a medium-sized tasting of their very best dishes.
Great story
Every bite has a story. Tell it! Bring to life the dishes that you're most proud of.
Customer service
Our top priority is to create a unique, unforgettable experience for the customer. We are looking for someone who values service to customers just as much.

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