Berlin Burger Joint Guide
By Jessica Traupe

You know that moment when the craving hits: this sudden longing for a crispy, lightly toasted bun, a tangy sauce, crunchy lettuce and bacon, gooey cheese… and that juicy, rich meat goodness of a freshly grilled patty. Yes, we’ve all been there.

Luckily, Berlin has a great variety of burger joints to choose from. The American and Australian expats in town have brought the proper burger culture to Berlin. New trends like vegan eating have added to the variety.

In order to help you find your way through the capital’s barbecue jungle, we have put together a small guide featuring the best spots.



If you love a high-quality burger patty fresh from the grill and cooked just as you like it, we have the right location for you: head to The Bird in either Prenzlauer Berg or Kreuzberg for a unique experience: patties made from ground sirloin steak served on toast muffins and with hand-cut fries. Find the menu and directions here.


Captain Burger 36 is one of our partners, so make sure to watch out for them when taking our bitemojo food tours. This hidden spot has a very special Turkish flair, which is distinctive for a burger place. They use fresh ingredients only and cater for vegans and vegetarians as well. Feeling indecisive? Try a variety of mini burgers to find your favorite. They have no website – that’s how much of an insider tip it is! – so just go and find them in Mariannenstraße 7, 10997 Berlin (Kreuzberg).


Special location

Nestled underneath the U-Bahn station Schlesisches Tor is the very popular Burgermeister stall. It is usually very busy, so make sure you bring some time and lovely company to spend the wait with. And then be persuaded it was worth it when you taste the lovely meatiness. Find out more here.

Extra big

Not satisfied by a regular burger or looking for funky creations and different sides? Then BBI (Berlin Burger International) in Neukölln is your place to go. The menu of this absolutely tiny place changes regularly (but can be found here) and features burgers that are almost as high as the Berlin TV tower. Fillings include, among classic ingredients, innovative ideas like goats cheese or sardines. Make sure to try the sweet potato or curly fries as well! To make the most of your experience, come in summer, as inside seating is extremely limited, but the Maybachufer riverside is near – and after all, what’s better than a burger enjoyed while watching the sunset by the canal?

Special filling

If you are after a twist to your regular burger, head to Chicago Williams BBQ near Friedrichstrasse for a pulled pork burger or a porn rib or philly cheese steak sandwich. Reservations are recommended, so go to their website to save your table.


Bao burger in Berlin? Definitely something you mustn’t miss. These soft Vietnamese steamed yeast-rice cake buns are filled with sticky pork meat and served traditionally at Bun Bao in Prenzlauer Berg. Find out more here.

With these suggestions, you cannot go wrong. So go out and dig in on your next burger extravaganza!


By Jessica Traupe
Our author Jessica lives in vibrant Berlin and worked in hospitality for some years. Through this she met people from all over the world, which sparked and reinforced her love for travelling. Thus she recently gave up her hotel job and decided to follow her other passion - writing. She now works as a freelancer copywriter and translator. What she loves most about this? "It allows me to combine all the things that matter to me: travelling a lot as I can work from anywhere, meeting and getting to know new people and working creatively", she says.

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