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The Berlin culinary scene is exploding with innovation, artistry, and incredible attention to detail. A gathering point for people from all over the world, Berlin today is one of the most vibrant food culture capitals in Europe. You can find any type of cuisine here, from dim sum to doner kebab, as well of course as the currywursts and bockwursts for which Berlin is famous. But food doesn’t just taste fabulous, it’s also a way to get to know a place and the people who live there. At bitemojo we believe that each bite tells a story, reflects an idea, connects between you and the people who worked so hard to prepare and perfect it. Each of bitemojo’s Berlin food tours opens up the intimate inner worlds of particular neighborhoods, enabling you to explore firsthand, and at your own pace, the tastes and sites that they have to offer. Choose the neighborhood you want to explore, book your bitemojo Berlin food tour, and use the bitemojo app to guide yourself along a route that we have mapped out for you. As you wander from bite to bite, click the Discover button on the app to find out about interesting sites along the way and the stories behind them. When you arrive at a bitemojo bite stop, click the Claim button on the app and show it to the seller to receive your bite. You can do the entire tour in one day, or over several days. Stop at as many points of interest as you want, or focus only on the bites. This is the bitemojo Berlin food tour – explore your way!
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