Best Asian Food Experiences in Berlin
By Jessica Traupe

Yes, you are in Berlin, and maybe you really want to try something German. However, there are only so many Currywursts one can eat before getting bored. In order to provide you with some variety on your gourmet trip to the German capital, we have gathered a collection of the best Asian eateries in town. Go on and practice those chopstick-skills!


Don’t judge this place by its upscale look! As a matter of fact, Long March Canteen has one of the most authentic Asian menus in Berlin. You risk being kicked out if you ask for sweet and sour pork – but chicken feet or jelly fish? You’ll find it here. Go on, dare yourself with a truly Asian experience that is not often found in this region.

Sushi for a better world

Don’t you agree that eating sushi makes you happy? The fresh, sticky bites, distinctive taste of the fish and salty sauce… the Kuchi restaurants contribute greatly to this kind of experience with their wide variety of excellent sushi. Their fantastic menu includes creations like Crispy Asparagus Maki and a huge selection of exotic teas – make sure not to miss it! Reservations recommended!


Saigon Street Food

This place will satisfy your craving, no matter how hungry you are: District Mot is growing more and more popular with locals. You can combine your platter from a selection of smaller bites or head straight for an irresistible pho noodle soup. Check out the menu beforehand to help you deciding!

Dumpling Extravaganza

Good dim sum dumplings are hard to be found, especially outside Asia. They have to be sticky, but not too much, with a bit of bite to them, a savoury filling and a tangy sauce… Lecker Song in Prenzlauer Berg offers the full package and is thus praised by Berliners for bringing the Dim Sum experience to this city. They don’t have a website – but they don’t need one either! Bring a bunch of friends to share the food with so you can try more varieties!

Photography: Kfir Harbi

Korean delights

If you miss those very unique Korean flavours while in Berlin, Ixthys can help. Rumour has it that the place is run by a few Korean widows who are likely to ask you whether you believe in Jesus. Regulars claim that by answering “yes”, you will enhance your visit by far! Find out for yourself! (Also, this place is known for its fabulous bibimbap.)

Quick bite

In a hurry? Our bitemojo partner Côcô bánh mì, a Vietnamese gourmet deli, prepares fresh baguettes in true Asian style. But apart from this signature dish, you should also try their pho soup and rice bowls. Find out more on their website.

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Photography: Kfir Harbi

As you can see, you won’t have to miss your Asian favourites while you are here, after all, there is almost no dish you won’t find here. So go on, indulge in this exotic foodie adventure and find out what this different has to offer.

By Jessica Traupe
Our author Jessica lives in vibrant Berlin and worked in hospitality for some years. Through this she met people from all over the world, which sparked and reinforced her love for travelling. Thus she recently gave up her hotel job and decided to follow her other passion - writing. She now works as a freelancer copywriter and translator. What she loves most about this? "It allows me to combine all the things that matter to me: travelling a lot as I can work from anywhere, meeting and getting to know new people and working creatively", she says.

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