The Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin
By Jessica Traupe

Berlin is young and vibrant. Hence most trends are either born here or arrive here very early. As the environmental awareness and health conscience grow among the population, an increasing number of people decide to follow a vegan lifestyle.

No animal products… that means no dairy, no eggs, and of course, no meat. Can you even prepare great food without any of these ingredients? As a matter of fact, you can! Find out where in this guide to Berlin’s best vegan restaurants.


Hungry and healthy? Visit Dilipasha! This fresh and funky place in Wilmersdorf has a variety of lovely vegan dishes to offer. Not only are they prepared with the best of ingredients, but also with a lot of love – something you can taste. This is also one of the reasons we have made them a bitemojo partner. Visit their website and see for yourself!

Discover Dilipasha in our Charlottenburg food tour


Celebrity factor

If you want to feel like a celebrity, come and dine at Cookies Cream at the Westin Grand Hotel, where stars like George Clooney and Robbie Williams have already been seen. The website shows you in a funny way what to expect: exquisite dishes, beautifully arranged and served in an upscale surrounding. This is the perfect location is you want to spoil your beloved – or yourself. Come and feel special!

Triple goodness

Vegan alone is not enough? Then come to The Bowl, where clean eating is on the agenda: with fresh, vegan food made from organic ingredients. Located in Friedrichshain close to one of Berlin’s most famous party areas, dinner at this restaurant is a great way of starting off the night, especially as they have panorama windows overlooking the Warschauer Bridge – one of Berlin’s busiest places. Great for people-watching! Check out the menu and be inspired.


Breakfast and brunch

Every vegan knows how annoying it is to go out for brunch and find out you have to skip half the things on the buffet and have long discussions with the waitress about non-dairy milk in your latte. Not at Viasko! Their vegan brunch on the weekend is so popular you will definitely have to save your table. They don’t have a website, but publish the weekly menu here.


Vegan and booze

Light and healthy dishes and aromatic craft beers… sound funny? At Vaust, it doesn’t. The food matches the beer perfectly and makes for a very unique vegan dining experience. Plus, they offer a fantastic selection of vegan wines as well. Find out more about the vegan brewery here. If you have the time, why not join a brewery class as well?

Vegan eating is good for yourself, for the planet and for animals, and Berlin makes it easy to find alternatives. If you are vegan already, you will find that this city is almost paradise. If you’re not, maybe this list will inspire you to try vegan food – or to treat a vegan friend!

By Jessica Traupe
Our author Jessica lives in vibrant Berlin and worked in hospitality for some years. Through this she met people from all over the world, which sparked and reinforced her love for travelling. Thus she recently gave up her hotel job and decided to follow her other passion - writing. She now works as a freelancer copywriter and translator. What she loves most about this? "It allows me to combine all the things that matter to me: travelling a lot as I can work from anywhere, meeting and getting to know new people and working creatively", she says.

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