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We are on a mission to change the way people travel, by making local food a transformative way to learn and experience destinations worldwide. Each destination has a story to tell, and we are looking for the right partners to expand our reach. As a bitemojo partner, you will be asked to develop and create local bitemojo tours in your respective city, from contacting and contracting sellers, creating content, to marketing, selling and promoting the products to both B2C and B2B2C offerings.

We are looking for partners who will develop the best local food experiences around the world, the bitemojo way: self-explored, flexible, personal, and affordable. Whether you have exposure to the food experience industry and are looking to expand your current business, or you wish to embark on a new endeavor and you’re passionate about the self-guided market, we invite you to grab a spoon and dig into our vision.

Symbiotic Relationship 

How We Slice the Pie: 

Advantages of becoming a local partner:

Innovative selling proposition – we offer a new way to experience your city

Enrich your current business – turn a greater percentage of leads into customers

Cutting-edge technology – differentiate yourself from the competition

Sustainable revenue stream – new audiences equals significant growth in revenue

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