Are you a foodie with a passion for creative writing? Would you like to share your foodie widsom with others around the world? Then bitemojo has the perfect opportunity for you: Write for us and join us in our mission to make the world a yummier place!


How does it work?

Bitemojo is looking for the top 5 bites in destinations all around the world that travelers have to try in order to get the real taste of the city. For that, we are looking for foodies on the ground who would like to participate in this global initiative and contribute a blog post to our bitemojo blog, writing about their favorite bites of any kind. 

How would that look, you ask yourself? Here is an example.

What do we ask for?

1. A blog post about your top 5 bites of any kind. The bites should be
authentic food samples that tell the story of your city and should be
found in unique and special places.

2. List the name of the bite, a picture and the best place where the
bite should be tasted. Don’t forget to add links to the places’ websites.
Note: Make sure to use your own photos!

4. Send us a profile picture of yourself with a short bio (including the
city and country where you are from) as well as links to your social
media accounts if you’d like.


What we offer


1. The opportunity to take part in an innovative global writing initiative and to become part of an international community of foodie writers.

2. The chance to share your love for food with others and allow travelers to experience your city like an insider.

3. Promotion of your blog post on our social media channels.

4. We give you 5000 bite creadits (= 5 bitemojo bites), which you can use in any of our destinations!


Join our international community of contributors!

Issa Perez, Cebu (Phillippines)

Alexandra Bulygina, Moscow (Russia)

Stephanie Cvetkovic, Paris (France) 


Interested? Reach out to [email protected] with your idea!

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