Have you ever ordered something so delicious that you just wanted to take a picture of it? Have you ever dreamed of promoting your favorite restaurant? Well here’s your chance. Our Bitemojo team is working tirelessly to create a community of biters on a mission to make the universe tastier – the bite way. The BiteSpotter program is an initiative tasked to expand a network of biters globally. This network will begin a movement of knowledgeable foodies while also enriching the way travelers experience cuisine.

So next time you go out to eat and you spot a sweet bite that you just can’t resist, snap a pic and send it our way. If you think that your bite is so great that it just has to be part of the Bitemojo experience, take a photo, write a sweet tagline about the significance of the bite, add your name and location, send it our way and you’re good to go. If we like you and we accept your bite, you will receive 300 bite credits to go toward your next tour!

BiteSpotter Instructions

  1. Spot a yummy bite.
  2. Download the Bitemojo app.
  3. In the User Profile section scroll down to the BiteSpotter section.
  4. Take a snap of the bite.
  5. Write your name, location and a brief summary of why you think the bite should be a part of Bitemojo.

When we receive your BiteSpotter review, we will get back to you within a week and notify you directly if we accept the Bite. Upon acceptance, enjoy your 300 bite credits!

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