Our Opportunities: 

Cover us – Work with us – Write for us


1. Cover Us

Are you an established travel or food blogger? Do you love to write about new, revolutionary products for your readers? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. We are constantly looking for motivated bloggers to try our any of our yummy tours and cover their experience in a blog post!

What we offer:

  • A free tour of your choice
  • Promotion of your blog post on our social media channels

What we ask for:

  • A blog post with links to our website and pictures of the tour
  • Social media exposure of your tour (Facebook and Instagram)

Get in touch with us at [email protected] and let’s discuss the details.


Become part of the global community of bloggers who have already covered their bitemojo experiences!



2. Work With Us

We offer an attractive affiliate program for bloggers who have taken one of our tours and discovered their passion for discovering destinations with bitemojo. We provide a personalized affiliate code, which offers a certain discount for your followers. For every booking with your personal affiliate code, you receive a specified commission.

3. Write For Us

This is the perfect opportunity for foodies or with a passion for creative writing. Write about the culinary gems of your city or the most interesting food experiences during your travels and be featured on bitemojo’s international food blog!

We are providing a remuneration of 15$ for every post.

Here are some examples of bloggers all over the world who have already shared their favorite bites in the universe:


For additional information, download our leaflet  

Send us a writing sample to [email protected] and become one of our international culinary ambassadors!

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