Your Smartphone is all you need!
Time of revival. This is the best description of Budapest's culinary scene today. Based on the ancestors’ gastronomic heritage, locals recreate gulyás, lángos or fantastic Hungarian sausages. Warm and filling flavours that you will always remember. With bitemojo, you can explore the depth of the night and the faces of the day while strolling through the streets of the Jewish Quarter. Not only are the dynamics of Budapest's nights well known all around the world, but during the daytime, the neighbourhood also offers great insights into the culture and history or the country. With bitemojo, you can go on one or more of the most delicious tours of Budapest, and experience the city like a local at your own time and pace. No need to pay for a guide, or to adapt yourself to a group. As for the tours themselves, the routes are fascinating, with 6 bites per tour and at least 8 points of interest along the way. All you need is your smartphone. You will explore the coolest places, hear the coolest stories, and meet the people who recreated Budapest’s coolest neighbourhood! Independent, personal, all about what you want to do. And the price? Only 30 Euros per person per tour.
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