Questions about bitemojo


1) What is bitemojo?

bitemojo is an application that provides the user with self-guided neighborhood culinary tours in cities across the world. bitemojo takes the user on a journey through the given community’s vital history, identifying key points of interest along the route to the tasty bites of local cuisine.


2) What makes bitemojo unique?

bitemojo is the first app to guide users on a culinary tour at their own time and pace. You own the tour, and you engage in an active, self-run tour experience, instead of passively listening to a tour guide.


3) What are the bitemojo’s values?

We have three core values:

  1. User independence. We know that, in this day and age, people don’t need tour guides to experience a foreign locale. We pride ourselves on encouraging users to direct their tours and provide them with the means to do so in a more robust manner than they might find on their own – at their own comfortable pace.
  2. Travelling the world the bite way. Our reduced portions reflect our belief in moderation. A bite tour is delicious and filling, but not the time to overindulge.
  3. Supporting small businesses. bitemojo works hard to find the local culinary heroes behind the scenes. We offer you only authentic, fresh food, coming from local producers and manufacturers.

4) How does 
bitemojo work?

  1. Download the bitemojo app here (iOS, Android)
  2. Select the tour that most appeals to you – based on neighborhood, cuisine, and convenience
  3. Purchase the tour – you can do it either with a Credit-card or with PayPal
  4. Based on the tour’s hours of operation you can just get to the starting point and activate your tour


Questions about general tour information


5) How long is a bite tour?

Bite tours range from 2.5 to 3 hours, for the regular six bites tours, and 1-1.5 for our mini-tours.


6) How many people can take a bite tour? How many people are needed to take a bite tour?

  • Maximum: There is no technical maximum, but more than ten people will overcrowd the shops that provide the bites.
  • Minimum: One person.  Ideally, take a bite tour with a group of 2-8 people.


7) Are the tours offered all year round?

In general, yes, the tours are offered all year round. Please visit the respective tour pages for availability.


8) How big are the bites?

The food servings on this tour have been designed specifically for bitemojo. No single bite is particularly large, but the combination of all of them is quite substantial and should leave you sated comfortably.


9) Do you have vegetarian bite tours?

Yes, some tours are specially designed for vegetarians, and others have alternative options for vegetarians. Visit the tour page in advance for questions on specific routes or bites.


10) I have food allergies – can I do your tours?

Our tours offer a variety of foods and ingredients. Those with allergies should read the information about the food that we provide closely and carefully before signing up. And BE SURE TO SPEAK TO THE VENDOR of each bite directly before sampling any food.


11) Is bitemojo available for both iOS + Android?

Yes. Here are the links for downloads. (iOS / Android)


12) Are biteTours available if it’s raining?

In Berlin, rain is part of the city’s DNA, and when the temperature goes up, it’s even refreshing. So on a rainy day just take an umbrella and bite the city.


13) What language is the app?

The tours are provided in English and German. More languages will be available shortly. Please use the language bar in the app to see when we add new ones.


14) Are biteTours appropriate for Berliners as well?

Yes. Berlin’s many neighborhoods and districts mean that locals can use our tours to experience places they wouldn’t usually see, or use the app as a fun guide to their home neighborhood. A biteTour can be a reasonably priced date or fun, easy way to show visitors your hometown!


15) Will I meet local people on this tour?

Yes. Each seller on this route – and each bite – has a story, and the sellers can’t wait to share them with you!


16) What kind of sites can I find on the tour?

When you take one of our biteTours, you have the opportunity to get to know it like someone who is native to the area. You encounter the places known to the locals – ranging from hidden courtyards and boutique shops to outdoor flea markets and historical sites. Our “Points of Interest” include sites that aren’t usually listed as part of tourist attractions. bitemojo illustrates the narrative of the neighborhood so that you feel like a local. Check out our specific tours to have a peak at what you can expect to see in a certain neighborhood


17) Are bite Tours kid-friendly?

Yes, our tours are a wonderful way to give kids the chance to experience the different parts of a respective city first-hand. Our points of interest should engage them, and our bites welcome children.


18) Do we need more than one phone for a family tour?

No, a single smartphone is all you need to claim your bites even as a family or small group.


19) What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your order within 48 hours from the time of purchase unless you have activated the tour. Cancellation fees apply to credit card purchase (not for PayPal). After this period, you may not cancel.


Questions about tour logistics


20) Do I need roaming to use the app?

Yes, note, however, that the data capacity required for this tour is small, and you only need 3G connection, so you should not incur extensive roaming charges.


21) How do I find the biteStops along the way?

Finding the location of any stop on our tours is easy. Bitemojo provides you with specific routes of the best bites and points of interest in that neighborhood. All you do is follow the map.  On the tour map, we provide: the name of each destination, the exact address, and a photo of the entrance to ensure that you find where you’re going.


22) How do I redeem the bites?

The app has an internal redemption mechanism called, “claim bite,” that enables you to redeem your bite easily, thanks to bitemojo’s agreements with the vendors. Note that once you use the app to redeem your bite, you have ONLY 5 MINUTES to show the receipt on your phone to the seller before it becomes inactive. That’s why we say to claim your bite only when you are in the seller’s shop.


23) How will the sellers know to give me my bite?

When you activate your tour, the sellers are notified that you will be arriving in due time. When you get to each shop, show the seller your digital bite receipt.


24) Do I have to complete the tour in one day?

No, if you want to leave some of the tour for another day, you can – from the moment of purchase, you have 6 months to redeem your bites (make sure not to activate the specific bite until you’re ready to use it – and explain to the seller that you began the tour whenever you did). If for whatever reason, you cannot finish the tour within that time, you can cash out the bites, turn the value into biteCredits, and redeem them for bites anywhere that bitemojo operates. See more about the biteCredit program in Question 25.


25) Can I use un-used bites in other places?

Yes, you can convert your unused bites to biteCredits and redeem them at prospected vendors within the next six months


26) Troubleshooting – for any problem during the tour, how do I contact you?

Contact us via email or phone: +49-3031199135 anytime. In the app, you’ll find the link to contact us at Contact Help Desk. We are always here and available for any problem.


27) Can I make a gift of a tour to someone else?

Yes, please contact bitemojo in advance to set it up.


28) What is your biteCredit program and how do I use it?

The biteCredit program aims to foster a community of culinary excellence while establishing a platform for ratings, reviews, and recommendations of cuisine all over the world. Since bitemojo has a clear goal of spreading our unique vision of travel and experience of foreign cuisine, when you rate a bite, review one of our tours, or suggest a bite to us, you improve the quality of the culinary experience for “biters” globally.

biteCredit rewards, per specific contribution:

Rating a bite 50 biteCredits
Reviewing a tour 200 biteCredits
Suggesting a bite that gets approved 300 biteCredits


When you reach 1,000 biteCredits, redeem them for a bite at one of our selected locations. These places can be found under <My biteTours> by pressing the <Cash Out Bites> button.


29) Can I purchase biteCredits independently from the tours as well? 

Not at the moment, but we are working on it 🙂


30) What is your biteSpotting program and how do I use it?

The biteSpotting program has two goals:

  1. To expand the network of “biters” – those who participate in bitemojo tours globally. 
  2. To expand the options of bites included under bitemojo’s options, worldwide.

So next time you go to a restaurant and receive a nice-looking tasty “bite,” take and picture and send it to us. If we like what we see, you’ll receive biteCredits that go toward a free tour, and you become a bitemojo biteSpotter!


31) Is bitemojo only available in Berlin?

At present, our only destination is Berlin. However, we will soon be expanding to other cities, worldwide.


32) How can I learn about new tours?

Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or Pinterest, and learn all there is to know about our exciting tours and activities.


Questions about collaboration


33) I am a food seller — how can I join bitemojo?

Please visit our “Become a seller” page in the menu bar.


34) My business is tourism — how we can work together?

Please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss further.


35) We are a group tour – do you offer private guided tours at all?

Yes, contact us to arrange a bite tour that is guided by a local expert.


36) When will bitemojo come to my city?

We are always looking for good opportunities to expand to new destinations. If you have a good idea for us, please contact us!


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