Five Berlin Easter Eggs – Hidden in Plain Sight!
By Tamar Gablinger


Berlin is known as the city that constantly changes, so no surprise that it boasts many “Easter Eggs” in the form of small surprises on our way through Berlin.

We gathered a few of those…


The Hidden Courtyards


Photography: Kfir Harbi


When Berlin developed in the 19th Century, it had a method of building internal courtyards between blocks of houses – sometimes you’d go through several internal courtyards to reach your destination… These courtyards are spread all over the city. Some are now homes to trendy galleries, street art and secret hubs, off the busy streets. Others are more residential in nature.

Almost all of bitemojo’s tours feature cool courtyards, but we especially recommend the ones on the Mitte and the Bergmannkiez tours.


Remains of the Berlin Wall



Almost every visitor to Berlin knows about significant Berlin Wall Memorials, such as the East Side Gallery, the Bernauer Str Memorial, or the Mauerpark (all featured in our different routes). However, there are further hidden gems. Can you guess where this piece of the Wall is located? In plain, but hidden, sight!



The Yoga People



Here and there you will see them: tiny cork-made men, doing yoga on street signs.

Where? All over the city, literally over… Just look up! 


The Hidden Store



Apartment Berlin is a store hidden behind what seems to be an empty space. Only if you enter, you will find your way to the shop, where you will find selected designer items . Similarly, Buck and Breck, considered to be one of the best bars in the world, is located behind the empty facade of a storage space.


Bite the Egg…


Photography: Kfir Harbi


Prefer your Easter Eggs more traditionally? Go no further than our favourite diner, Beakers, part of our Prenzlauer Berg Tour, where you can get the Mini Grandslam: Scrambled eggs and pancake. A great bite for Easter… !



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Tamar Gablinger
By Tamar Gablinger
Tamar Gablinger is bitemojo's city manager in Berlin and has a big passion for food. She works as a historical, cultural, architechtural and (of course) culinary tour guide and likes spending her freetime to cooking delicious meals. In short, Tamar is the incarnation of a real foodie!

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