Food tours with nothing but your smartphone!

At bitemojo we believe that traveling should be hands-on and immediate, an invocation of all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.  Why taste? Because we believe that in today’s fast-paced world, food remains a focal point, a meeting place where stories are told; a way into the heart and soul of a city and its human fabric.  

Plus, we really love food! 

We want to give you the gift of experiencing a place and its culinary scene in the most intimate, authentic way possible: by self-guided tours of the fresh, unique, local gastronomic wonders, the markets, the neighborhoods, and the people who together comprise the culinary story of a city, one bite at a time. 

With bitemojo tours, you guide yourself, choosing the time and the pace that work for you. The bites we’ve selected for each tour represent a curated “taste” of the neighborhood. These are not big gulps and huge portions; they are impressions, snapshots that together form the bigger picture. As you go from bite to bite along the route we’ve marked out, we’ve also noted interesting, not-to-be-missed, points of interest along the way. These points can’t necessarily be found in the guidebook, they are often small, hidden, and known only to locals. 

bitemojo tours bring to life the authentic stories of the sites and the people who made these places what they are, through the connecting medium of food. And did we mention that each and every bite is absolutely delicious?!