bitemojo - the ultimate food discovery experience!

  • Completely independent - No guide, no group, it's just you and your smartphone.
  • Affordable price - 6 substantial bites, starting at €25 only
  • Earn free biteCredits - You will be able to use them anywhere in the world where there is a bitemojo experience.
  • The fairest experience - you can stop anytime and continue in another day, or even in another destination.

So where would you like to bitemojo?

The most hidden places, the most delicious bites, with nothing but your smartphone.

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How it works
Go local in a jiffy with bitemojo – the ‘app to chew’. With this groundbreaking app, you get to go places you’ve never been and enjoy the best kept culinary secrets of all time. Team up with fellow foodies and meet the folks who will make your taste buds dance like never before.