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Jerusalem is an ancient city, steeped in the past. Layers of history mean that almost any stone turned can uncover an artifact surviving down through the ages. Yet for the people who live here, Jerusalem is about the future.  It’s about the exciting melting pot of cultures that have come together in this place. It’s about shared spaces and occasionally converging interests. It’s about the glorious clang and clash of Middle East meets Mediterranean meets the always modern West.  It’s about smart phones and darbukas, about age old traditions and cutting edge techniques. Jerusalem is also about food. Each of the communities who came here brought their culinary traditions with them; food whose spices and textures reveal a unique narrative. As a result, Jerusalem cuisine is a spectacular mix of Easts and Wests, old and new.  With bitemojo Jerusalem food tours you can explore this electrifying tangle one bite at a time, and along the way experience the people and places that make up this extraordinary city. Each of bitemojo’s Jerusalem food tours opens up the intimate inner worlds of particular neighborhoods, enabling you to explore firsthand, and at your own pace, the highlights of tastes and sites that they have to offer.  Book your bitemojo Jerusalem food tour, and use the bitemojo app to guide yourself along a route that we have mapped out for you. As you wander from bite to bite, click the Discover button on the app to find out about interesting sites along the way and the stories behind them. When you arrive at a bitemojo bite stop, click the Claim button on the app and show it to the seller to receive your bite. You can do the entire tour in one day, or over several days. Stop at as many points of interest as you want, or focus only on the bites. This is the bitemojo Jerusalem food tour – explore your way!
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