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Welcome to the capital of Portugal! 500 years ago, Lisbon was the point of departure for explorers who travelled to Africa, the Americas and Asia, in search of new lands and ways of life. This was a crucial time for the Portuguese identity and even the local food, as the international trade brought in ingredients that were to define the flavours of the most iconic Portuguese dishes. Now, Lisbon welcomes visitors from all corners of the world. Travellers are drawn into The City of Seven Hills because of its temperate weather all year long, because of its picturesque streets and neighbourhoods and, of course, because of its delicious local cuisine too. Lisbon is best explored by walking and, with this bitemojo tour, you will have the chance to discover the charms of the city as well as some of its tastiest bites as you walk around. With this tour’s savoury bites, delicious sweets and local wines, you will come to understand Lisbon, its people and why food is such a big part of the local culture.
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