Your Smartphone is all you need!
The fairytale central European city Ljubljana has it all: castle, river, cobblestone Medieval streets, dragons and a unique foodie scene. With bitemojo, you can explore the car-free pedestrian city center, which offers a wide range of regional food which expresses the diversity of Slovenia from Alps and flatland to the Mediterranean. The items which purveyors proudly present are locally sourced, fresh and seasonal - a fantasy truly comes to life in Ljubljana. Allow bitemojo to take you for a gourmet ride through the European Green capital 2016, ranked as one the safest, most sustainable and smallest (almost none) gender payment gap country in the world. Let the natural wonder and artistic charm of the city, friendliness of the locals, and its fabulous and delicious cuisine take a place in your foodie soul. With bitemojo, you can go on one or more of the most delicious tours of Ljubljana to experience the city like a local, at your own time and pace. No need to follow a guide, or to adapt to a group. The routes are fascinating and offer at least 5 bite choices per tour and a minimum of 12 points of interest along the way. All you need is your smartphone.

Independent, personal, all about what you want to do. And the price? Starting at only 26 Euros per person per tour.

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