If you run your own food tours or have a food experience business, are passionate about it, and share our vision to change the way people travel by using food as a way to explore local culture, we invite you to apply to become a bitemojo local partner.

As a bitemojo local partner you will be in charge of developing the bitemojo brand in your locale, receiving access to our innovative technology and becoming part of one of the most upcoming global food travel brands around, all while building a sustainable revenue stream and becoming a market leader.

Who can qualify to become a bitemojo local partner?

The bitemojo local partner program is open to the following:

1. Companies or individuals already running food tours in their locale

2. Companies or individuals running general walking tours in their locale

3. Local travel companies with strong operational experience

What does it mean to become a bitemojo local partner?

We are on a mission to change the way people travel, by making local food a transformative way to learn and experience destinations worldwide. Each destination has a story to tell, and we are looking for the right partners to work together with us to develop the best local food experiences at their destinations, the bitemojo way: self-explored, flexible, personal, and affordable. And delicious, of course.

As our local partner you will be asked to develop and create the local bitemojo tours at your destination, and once they are ready, to focus on marketing, selling and promoting them locally as both B2C and B2B2C offerings.

What are the advantages of becoming a bitemojo local partner?

1. Exclusivity – we are committed to only working with one local partner per destination

2. Innovative selling proposition – we offer a new way to experience your city

3. Enrich your current business – turn a greater percentage of leads into customers

4. Cutting-edge technology – differentiate yourself from the competition

5. Sustainable revenue stream – new audiences equals significant growth in revenue