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Chic Tel Aviv

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2.2 km tour
2.5 Hours

Come find the chic, creative and unusual Tel Aviv, merging old with new and Israeli with personal and unique imports. A tour that will introduce you to inspiring people and places, artists who chose to create unusual pieces. All the while, you will explore the Carmel market streets, Kerem HaTeimanim, and Nahalat Binyamin; all gorgeous and extraordinary place with one-of-a-kind bites. Come and Betty from Vintage Land, be moved by Gill's mesmerizing world, feel Frida Rafael's woolen scarves, eat at Shmuel's and taste Uzieli's energizing fresh juices.
This special tour was created with the lovely Zoya Fux, who contributed her knowledge and experience, and gave the tour its chicness!


The bites included in this tour

Cortado or tea with a cookie

Pastry leaves (similar toTurkish cigar pastry), wrapping eggs or mashed potato, or both, deep fried and served in a pita, with pickles and fresh vegetables

Fish & Chips

Two cod fish fillets, fried, with a side of homemade fried chips

Half a pita with kebab

A juicy pita with kebab, vegetables and sauce

Choice of hot chocolate or cup of fruit drink

Hot chocolate with cinnamon and spices or choice of fruit drink


Dairy malabi or vegan, with a side of black coffee

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