About the EL Born Food Tour


In the words of Catalan writer Joan Perucho: “Looking at the cuisine of the past, we often learn much about social history as well as politics.” This is nowhere as apt as in the neighborhood of El Born. These eclectic streets, with their hidden alleyways, charming squares, museums and art galleries, were once home to Barcelona´s aristocracy and the epicentre of trade in the city. They are now home to a thriving creative community.

As you wander the neighborhood be prepared for surprises, as you discover trendy tastes vying with ancient ones and learn about the sometimes quirky history of the area; a history that has left its mark on everything from the architecture and the place names to the very bites you are about to discover. In El Born you will taste the history of the city through the different cuisines of the cultures who have left their mark here, while still remaining true to its Catalan character.

1.5 km tour
1:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Nougat or Orxata

One piece of nougat or a glass of orxata

Homemade croquette with a caña

Quintessential tapas: a small dish paired with cold beer

Tapas with a spicy twist

A portion of roasted potatoes with 7-spices mayonnaise and 2 dips of your choice with pita bread and a pot of tea


Your choice of two scoops of gelato

Coffee or Tea

One cup of your preferred coffee or tea

Further Information

Important Information
  • The tour is not available on national holidays
  • There are no guaranteed substitutions for those with allergies, though some bites will accommodate
  • Note that you may be asked to wait to receive your bite, depending on server availability, and seating may not be available
  • You may interrupt the tour and continue it on a different day
  • You may convert unused bites to bite-credit via the app
  • The tour is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase
  • Although the tour will be downloaded into your device after purchase, minimal cellular data is required when claiming the bites. Please make sure you have access to cellular data.
Weekly Availability
  • Monday - Sunday
  • 1:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Sunday - bite #2 is not available