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3,9 km tour
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Nobel-prize-winning American author Ernst Hemingway called Madrid “the most Spanish city in Spain,” and all it takes is a stroll through the city centre to precisely understand what he meant. Alongside monuments and palaces from the glory days of empire, are flamenco clubs, matador rooms, soccer club paraphernalia, and a lot of upscale cultures.

The tour takes you past the Teatro Real, the central plazas and monuments of the city, and the culinary icons that have spread the message of tapas throughout the world. Madrid, a city that cherishes its past, places golden plaques outside of every business that has passed the 100-year mark, so don’t be surprised if you begin to feel a bit like you are on a yellow brick road!

As befits this cosmopolitan city, the cuisines of various region in Spain are represented here, as are family tavernas and tapas bars, all full to the brim with Madrileños who have chosen to devote themselves to comida (dining), fiesta (partying), and of course, siesta (that nothing-quite-like-it afternoon nap!).


The bites included in this tour

Churros with Hot Chocolate and a Cortado
Box of Violetas

A small box of delicious Madrileño violet candies

Seafood Paella and Ham or Spanish Tortilla and Russian Salad with a Cup of Beer

Valencian seafood paella with a slice of Serrano ham or Spanish tortilla (omelet) and a side of potato salad in mayonnaise with a cup of Estrella Dam beer

Licor de Madroño chaser in an ice cream cone

Licor de Madroño chaser served in a small chocolate-covered ice cream cone with whipped cream and touch of jam

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