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This fantastic culinary itinerary takes you through two of Rome’s vibrant spots: Piazza Campo de’ Fiori where locals do their daily grocery shopping and Via Portio d’Ottavia home to one of the worlds oldest Jewish communities. Over more than 2000 years the population of Rome has always had a very special interest in food and this walk will take you on a discovery of some of the best food in Rome, both typical Roman cuisine and modern interpretations of Italian and International specialties. You will enjoy shopping for food like a local Roman and experience how important it is for them to search for the best ingredients. Every narrow alleyway hides beautiful monuments and reveals wonderful shops and restaurants, whilst the bustling piazzas proudly display their traditions and specialties ready to be seen and enjoyed.

2 km tour
2,5 h
10:30 AM - 8:00 PM
Salami Slices

A choice of salami flavoured with black truffle or with red wine or spicy salami

Glass of wine with snack

A glass of wine, chosen from Massimo’s daily selection of 2 reds and 2 whites, accompanied by a typical Roman salty snack.

Pizza bianca filled with pastrami

Pizza bianca sliced open and filled with sliced pastrami

Judean artichoke

Roman Jewish specialty

Mini classic flavour tiramisu

Mini classic flavour tiramisu prepared on the spot using high-quality and organic raw ingredients

4.8 2 Tour

Grazie Bitemojo!

We loved all of the food and found the information about such a historical area fascinating!

A fantastic food adventure!

We met in the impressive Campo Di Fiori and enjoyed our cones of Salumi whilst soaking up the magical atmosphere provided by some great local buskers. We left the crowded piazza behind us and we're delighted to find Massimo's place hidden down a charming cobbled laneway - what a perfect little nook to enjoy a glass of wine! We loved exploring the ghetto, definitely not an area we would have visited otherwise! On the advice of the great guys at Su'ghetto we took a break and paired our freshly cooked artichokes with a glass of crisp white wine, before ambling over to Cibo for their delectable spinach pie! We could barely fit another thing in but just HAD to try the tiramisu that Dominika made in front of us at Zum! Such a perfect ending to a great night! 
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