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Madrid is both. It has world-class museums and opulent palaces containing fabulous works of art from the period when it was the capital of a far-flung empire. And it also has a vibrant contemporary art scene fostered by a supportive municipality and enriched by a diverse population.

To truly experience Madrid it is worth getting to know both these aspect, and preferably through the taste buds and the stomach; whether its traditional dishes that the younger generation is unwilling to forgo in favor of fast food or variations of one kind and another of dishes from all over the world that arrived in Madrid with the immigrant communities who have made the city their home – the city has it all. Spending time in the restaurants that are to found on almost every corner is as much a social experience as a culinary one; and a favourite pastime of Madrileños, who love to sit at tables and enjoy the tempo of the city and the people around them.

The tour takes you from the classical royal area of the city to the less touristy La Latina neighbourhood, historically the home of Muslims and Jews before the expulsion of 1492. It is now a neighbourhood populated by young bohemians, with a colourful mix of ageing hippies, clubbers, Chinese, and a smattering of tourists.

3 km tour
12PM - 8PM
Cream Cheese and Salmon Pincho or Spanish Tortilla Pincho

Choice of pincho with cream cheese and salmon or one with a Spanish tortilla, both served with potato sticks

Empanada and Croquetas with Cocido Meat or Vegetables and Soup

Empanda and croquetas filled with cocido meat, plus a cup of caldo soup, or a vegetable filling and a cup of salmorejo soup garnished with chopped hard-boiled egg

Licor de Madroño chaser in an ice cream cone

Licor de Madroño chaser served in a small chocolate-covered ice cream cone with whipped cream and touch of jam

Empanadas Asturias with Meat or Vegetarian Filling

Empanada made with chopped meat and caramelized onion, tomato, and chilli pepper, or one filled with bechamel sauce, spinach and goat cheese.

Ice cream cone and cortado

Ice cream come with choice of two flavors and a cortado

Further Information

Important Information
  • This tour is not available on national holidays.
  • There are no guaranteed substitutions for those with allergies, though some biteStops will accommodate.
  • Note that you may be asked to wait to receive your bite, depending on rush-hours, and seating may not be available.
  • You may interrupt the tour and continue it on a different day.
  • You may convert unused bites to bite-credit via the app.
  • The tour is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Although the tour will be downloaded into your device after purchase, minimal cellular data is required when claiming the bites. Please make sure you have access to cellular data.
Weekly Availability
  • Mondays from 12:00PM to 8:00PM (bite #5 is not available)
  • Tuesdays to Sundays from 12:00PM - 8:00PM