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Hidden Gems in New York City

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2.6 km tour

The East Village and Lower East Side are two of the most interesting NYC neighborhoods to explore on foot. Street abundant with art as well as boutiques, vintage stores, cocktail bars and great restaurants. There are lots of live music venues, comedy clubs and a big nightlife scene. This is one of the trendiest and liveliest parts of NYC, simply a must-see!

The East Village was home to both the beatnik and punk movements. Over the years, bohemian artists and avant-garde filmmakers have made their homes here, honoring the area through literature, art and cinema. The Lower East Side is one of the most important immigrant neighborhoods in NYC. The Jewish, German and Italian history can still be seen and felt today. Witness history tenement buildings next to sparkling new construction by famous architects - a great example of old and new New York.


The bites included in this tour

Chicken Satay or Tofu Satay
Mochi Daifuku

A small round mochii filled with sweet cream.

Biscuit Dumpling

A biscuit with a filling of your choice, and a fruit-based sauce

Scoop of vegan ice cream

Ice cream with a purpose.

A taste of a perfect BBQ

A choice of Bacon, Pastrami or Brisket

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