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Jerusalem’s craziest desserts with Or Ben Uliel

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As a passionate foodie, creating my own food tour with bitemojo is beyond exciting. You're welcome to join me on a journey through Jerusalem's most innovative, original and delicious foods. I've developed a special dish in each bite stop on the tour. These bites are only available when you're on my special tour! Feeling lucky? You should. From speciality pastries with different fillings, through Colorful drink, galaxy FroYo and a Mermaid waffle, I guarantee you'll be surprised and delighted to find what we've got for you. Share your photos with the #OrBites and you may be featured on my page. Love, Or ben Uliel


The bites included in this tour

Filled Emaroli
Or Ben Uliel’s magic spice

A secret and magic spice mixture created by Or Ben Uliel

A healthy juice assortment

Choose one of several fresh and healthy options

Galaxy Acai Froyo

Black Acai Sorbet with silver and purple candy and edible powder

Unicorn Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice cream with strawberry frosting and decorations

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