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Welcome to Berlin! A vibrant city with a fascinating history and an exciting present. Walk through the Mitte (centre) district and find out – every corner in Berlin tells a story!

On this tour, you can discover some of those stories and taste some bites that reveal Berlin’s multicultural and innovative character. From the traditional German beer with a twist, through different ethnicities and culinary cultures; you will also get a chance to see some of Berlin’s most interesting works of street art and to discover the city’s past: sometimes sordid, sometimes exotic, always present.

2.6 km tour
3h long
12:00 PM - 6:30 PM
0,1 l Craft Beer

Craft beer at its finest

Traditional Polish Pierogi

Traditional Polish dishes with a berlin touch – Meat, vegetarian or vegan

Gỏi cuốn Summer Rolls

Traditional Vietnamese Dish

Quiche of the day & Pralinee

1/2 quiche of the day, vegetarian, meat or fish + chocolate of choice

Frozen Yogurt

Homemade, fat-free frozen yogurt with two toppings of choice

5.0 4 Tour

I recommend this tour with an honest heart

I recommend this tour with an honest heart and pleasure to my family, friends, colleagues and my readers of the Gastronomy and Hospitality magazine. 

In our scale: definitely a 10!

We have chosen the Mitte food tour. In each of the bite stops (Greek, Vietnamese, Polish and more) it wasn't just tasteful but also very high-end and organized. The sellers were all extremely kind, they shared with us their stories and gave us a local look of Berlin, which is something that a regular tourists isn't exposed to. In our scale: definitely a 10!

The tour in Mitte was fabulous!!!

My friend and I took the Mitte tour after hearing about it from other friends who did it already. That was our first time to Berlin and we really didn't know what to expect. We had an amazing (!) time taking the tour, because beside of the great bites we met incredible people and visited points of interest that in no other way we would have seen otherwise. Thank for the great experience, can't wait to visit Berlin with you again! 

Everything great!

Everything great, as a supportive feedback: not all landlords knew what it was about and one bar keeper said it would help him to receive an earlier announcement.
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Further Information

Important Information
  • This tour is available 7 days a week, expect on national holidays.
  • There is no guaranteed substitutions for those with allergies, though some biteStops will accommodate.
  • Note that you may be asked to wait to receive your bite, depending on rush-hours, and seating may not be available.
  • You may interrupt the tour and continue it on a different day.
  • You may convert unused bites to bite-credit via the app.
  • The tour is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Although the tour will be downloaded into your device after purchase, minimal cellular data is required when claiming the bites. Please make sure you have access to cellular data.
  • Monday - Sunday
  • 12:00 PM - 6:30 PM