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Night & The City TLV Tour

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0,8 km tour
8.30PM - 1:00AM

Attention tends to focus on the trendy clubs and bars that seem to constantly be opening and just as quickly closing in the center of Tel Aviv. However, at the same time, almost unnoticed, a somewhat more underground scene has been developing in the southern part of the city in a neighborhood called Florentine. In this small neighborhood quiet bars connect seamlessly with the local residents and the neglected nature of the area is an open canvas for graffiti artists who decorate the walls with their art. Each bar has its own unique character, maintained despite the growing popularity of the area. The tour will take you between old places and new for shots of alcohol and bites of delicious food, as you meet the bar owners who have learned how to run a successful place even when half your regular customers are also your neighbors. Join us for this hypnotic night tour full of secrets and lies hidden and exposed depending on the alcohol that flows.


The bites included in this tour

Choice of a French-style crepe
Half a Serving of Whiskey OR Choice of Tapas

Half a serving of quality whiskey of your choice in an Old Fashion cup OR Tapas from three countries

Bao with spring chicken and shumai with shrimp

Bao stuffed with chicken and chickpeas and Shumai with shrimps

Mediterranean Cucumber Mojito

Classic Cuban drink with a Mediterranean twist

Hot apple cider and edamame OR 1/2 a Goldstar from the tap and edamame

The cider is an alcoholic version made by Heineken, served with soy beans cooked in their shells with a bit of salt OR an excellent Israeli beer served with soy beans cooked in their shells with a bit of salt.

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