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Old Town, New Vibe

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1 km tour
11:30am - 9:00pm


Ljubljana is a very old city but with a very young soul. And nowhere is this so apparent than in our dining scene. Small, family-run, innovative vendors are sprouting to show off their fresh take on Slovenian cuisine and cultural traditions, welcoming guests regardless of their nationality, sexual orientation, religion, skin colour, eating preferences.

You'll be able to taste this omnibus of novelty flavours during this tour as well as discovering some sights deeply and inevitably embedded in the infrastructure that will surround you. Pair a speciality coffee with imagining how already the Romans over 2000 years ago used the road that lies in front of you to reach southern parts of their empire, an up-to-date cocktail while eyeing an 18th-century fountain, or traditionally meaty dish made vegetarian with sculptured Catholic memoirs from 1200 years ago in sight. Wherever you will turn, you will see a unique blend of old and new that will spark your hunger, be it for history or local cuisine.


The bites included in this tour

Cortado or Cold Brew
Baccalà OR beef carpaccio

Baccalà served on a slice of homemade bread OR beef carpaccio made from Boskarin cows drizzled with olive oil and served on bread garnished with lettuce.

Honey Delight OR Cheese and Pear Duet

Homemade honey biscuit and small cup of honey liqueur OR a platter of local cheese, dried pear, homemade pear jam, and a small glass of pear brandy.

Rhubarb Gin OR Ginger Ice Tea

Rhubarb Gin with Raspberry OR Aronia Ginger Ice Tea

Bread roll with Carniolan sausage OR Ričet & Jota
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