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About the Charlottenburg neighborhood 
Centered around a palace built by a king for his queen, the history of romantic Charlottenberg goes back thousands of years. First settled in the Neolithic era, the small farming villages located here belonged to a nunnery for centuries before becoming royal property. After Frederick III built his wife Sophie Charlotte a palace in the village of Lietzow in 1699, it became a favorite summer residence for Berlin’s rich and famous and was renamed Charlottenberg. The city grew around it until in 1920 Charlottenberg officially became part of Berlin; and promptly turned into the swinging nightclub scene of the city with theatres, restaurants, and upscale bars. During the Cold War Charlottenburg rose to prominence as the commercial center of West Berlin, and is still the place to go for high-end shops and galleries.  

About the food tour
Our Charlottenburg bitemojo food tour is a journey into an eclectic range of cultures and cuisines that have gravitated to this lovely upscale neighborhood. Taste bites from kitchens that originated thousands of miles away and those that are quintessentially Berlin. Stroll the broad streets, passing palaces and parks, and visit sites, such as the Town Hall, that bring the neighborhood’s past to life. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for famous faces from theatre, cinema, and the Berlin political scene, who all like to hang out here! 

Below you will find lots of information about the tour: the bites, the route, a glimpse of the points of interest along the way, and important information about availability, food specifications, and more. The Charlottenburg food tour – explore your way!


The bites included in this tour

A Taste of Piadina
Cheese and mountain apple juice

1 piece of handmade German cheese and a small glass of mountain apple juice with a piece of bread

Pieces Of Chocolate And Marzipan

2 Pieces of chocolate and marzipan

Pinot Gris or Red Wine

White: floral, fresh, summerbreeze, spontaneous fermentation.
Red: wild red berries, fullbodied fruity, with discrete tannins

Mafi-Happen (Mafi-bite)

4 pieces of homemade smoked mackerel on whole wheat bread with a salad garnish 

Slice of (Vegan) Cake + Espresso

1/3 piece of vegan cherry-nut-cake + espresso OR 1/3 piece of cake of free choice + espresso

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