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Sarona Market and the Templars Compound

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0.6 km tour
11:00am- 10:00pm

Explore Sarona Market, the largest indoor market of its kind in the Middle East.

Sarona Market is a true heaven for foodies. Here you will find the best of cuisines by top Israeli chefs, all the while featuring rare ingredients from all over the world. There nearly isn’t a fruit, vegetable, ingredient or spice that can’t be found in this market, at the highest quality, of course. Styled glass-wall shops, gourmet chef restaurants, selected delis and hip bars capturing the essence of the most chick European capitals; all gathered here in a carefully thought arrangement that incorporates elements from famous European markets such as the London Borough Market and the Barcelona Marcet de la Boqueria.

We will tour through trendy stands, familiar brands and unique products, while tasting the best of both local and imported produce. After enjoying the market flavors, we will continue exploring the area and visit buildings filled with secrets of the Templars colony. In these houses, that seem to be taken from a faraway fairyland, lived many residents whose stories are intertwined with Israel’s history. From their German Templar builders, through heads of the British army during the British occupation to Israeli government offices. Among them we will find blooming, wide and well-kept gardens that make the place the touristic gem that it is.

Come with us on a magical journey through breathtaking gardens, impressive buildings and appetizing food stands; you’ll find that you can feel abroad right at home.


The bites included in this tour

Junam Greek Fava
Different Cheese Platter

A selection of three cheeses of the day

A Plate of Mom’s Meatballs

Three meatballs, drenched in a secret-recipe rich sauce, served with tahini and home-made bread.

Stir-Fried Chicken and Vegetables on Rice

Tender chicken strips with vegetables sauteed in Sichuan sauce, served on white rice (There is a option for a veggie bite- Stir-fride rice an vegetables)

A Delicious Fruit Shake

A boost of health in a glass.
A delicious shake of seasonal fruits of your choice

Belgian Waffle Skewer

Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce and one topping

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