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Shuk Ha’Carmel Vibe

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1.5 km tour
2.5 Hours

Welcome to the Carmel market, the trendy and lively Tel Aviv based market, filled with stalls packed with produce, chic restaurants and cafes, and a young crowd. Come and take in the smells, sounds, people, culinary flavors and colors, that with time, have turned the market into a crucial location in the city.

The Carmel market began as a small market in the Kerem HaTeimanim, and with time, with mayor Meir Dizengoff’s support, was named Tel Aviv’s official market. It soon became the central location of trade used by Tel Aviv sellers and residents, and thanks to the HaGashsash HaHiver comic sketches, the expression “cheaper than the Carmel market” is a familiar common slang idiom. Here, you will hear fascinating stories about people, places, and tales from the very beginning of Tel Aviv’s first days, the first years of Israel, and to the current trendy market of today.


The bites included in this tour

Choice of hot chocolate or cup of fruit drink

Pastry leaves (similar toTurkish cigar pastry), wrapping eggs or mashed potato, or both, deep fried and served in a pita, with pickles and fresh vegetables

Fish & Chips

Two cod fish fillets, fried, with a side of homemade fried chips

Half a pita with kebab

A juicy pita with kebab, vegetables and sauce


Dairy malabi or vegan, with a side of black coffee

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