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A Tale of the River

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2,5 km tour
11:00AM - 9:00PM


A tale as old as time, or as old as the river? The Ljubljanica river was an essential part of life throughout the history of the city. While fishermen and dock workers no longer ply their trades here, and, more importantly, we no longer have to worry about it flooding its banks, the river still plays an important role in Ljubljana. The areas around the river have become car-free, leading Ljubljana to be named the Green Capital of Europe in 2016, and it is the perfect place for enjoying a pleasant stroll and edible delights.

During your tour, you will explore the main arteries of the neighbourhood, enjoy the hustle and bustle of people passing by on bicycles or chat on their cell phones, mothers pushing strollers, busy workers rushing from one errand to another, and locals communing over their favourite cup of coffee. You will also get to know areas that are a bit off the beaten path, some hidden-away spots outsiders usually never notice - an underground art gallery, a graffiti street, a cafe where you pay by time.

This tour introduces you to the intricacies of Slovene cuisine, reflective of the diversity of its regions and climates. Embark on a journey along the river that brought the city life, food, and progress.


The bites included in this tour

Preko Mure OR White bean vegan bite with a glass of Niša white wine spritzer
Sweet or savory struklji

Sweet or savory traditional Slovenian dumplings with homemade ice tea or pine brandy

Tolminc cheese OR Kraški pršut with wine

Glass of Vrtovčan with Tolminc cheese OR glass of Teran with Kraški pršut

Grilled Sardine OR Marinated Anchovies

Mediterranean flavours from the Istria Peninsula of Slovenia

Smoked Trout OR meat tapas served with a glass of house wine

Smoked trout OR a selection of locally-sourced cold meats on traditional flatbread, both served with 0,5 cl of house wine

Scoop of gelato or hot Belgian waffle bites with chef’s topping

Scoop of gelato with choice of 3 toppings, or hot Belgian waffle bites with chef’s topping

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