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Tel Aviv for Vegans

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1.8 km tour
From 10am till 7pm


Being vegan isn’t just about eating or avoiding certain foods, it is a whole way of life that prioritizes health and a humanitarian approach to the other living things that share our world. While there have always been people who are vegan, in recent years it has grown in popularity, especially in Tel Aviv, which has attracted a large number of community members. As this tour will show, however, this is no passing trend but a unique lifestyle with deep and delicious roots.

The tour follows a route along the seam between the Levinsky market and the Florentine neighborhood and proves that if you thought being vegan meant giving up culinary pleasures – think again! The restaurants and dishes that you will meet along the way will expose a whole world of ideals and raw materials that come from the earth directly to the plate. Along the way we will get to know the nature of this fairly anti-establishment neighborhood, from the immigrants from Saloniki who first settled here to the graffiti artists who come out every night to decorate it. Join us for a unusual, multi-sensual tour full of surprises.


The bites included in this tour

Cortado / tea with a chocolate ball or cookie
Choice of a French-style crepe

Choice of salty crepe with cheese, crepe with eggplant and techina or sweet crepe with nutella

Hot Cider or Fruit Gazoz or Almonds Marzipan

A cohice of: Gazoz (Soda with syrup) OR Cider made from fruits and spices OR homemade marzipan 

Classic Turkish bourekas

A Choice of classic Turkish Bourekas served with pickles and tomato sauce

Tea and a packet of organic dried fruit

Tea and a packet of organic fruit dried without sugar

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