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A gateway to Asia and beyond, Singapore is a young dynamic nation and a cosmopolitan city full of possibilities. We are home to a bustling CBD, the financial heart beat of South Asia. The famed shopping belt of Orchard road and of course our night F1 grand prix attract visitors from all corners of the globe. Our city is a melting pot of cultures who all came here for a better life and who have all been able to create a harmonious society rich in culture, heritage and of course food. If there's one thing Singapore does best, it's food. On every street corner, you can find dishes from all over the planet but with a uniquely Singaporean twist. From India chef's twirl prata and stretch tea to waiting guests 24 hours a day. The smells of Indonesian home cooking and our beloved Malay Kampong style dinners permeate into every street. Our Chinese heritage explodes onto our plates with dishes from Hainan, Canton, Teo Chew and more. And then, of course, there are things only we in Singapore can do. From our national dishes of Chilli Crab, Katong Laksa and Chicken rice to lesser-known delights like rojak, kway teow and popiah, Singapore grabs a dish and makes it it's own. Our old school hawkers are legendary around the world, tirelessly working the woks night and day. Diligently learning alongside them are the new kids on the block striving for respect, recognition and maybe even stardom. This is a city built around the kitchen. Let bitemojo show you the food and the heroes behind the dishes that make the Lion city roar.
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