Sweet Treats and Desserts in Berlin
By Jessica Traupe

Craving sugar? We hear you! Sometimes the need for a sweet treat is almost overwhelming and you just really need to grab… well, what really? Berlins has a lot to offer: patisseries, chocolateries, ice cream parlours, bakeries… from mousse to muffin and cupcake to croissant, it’s hard to decide when everything is available.

Traditionally, Berlin is famous for a dessert called “Berliner Luft” (= berlin air), which is just a combination of three layers of colourful jelly. Very popular is also “Kalter Hund” (= cold dog), a dessert made from chocolate cream and plain biscuits.

However, if you feel like trying something a little more fancy, go and indulge with one of our recommendations.

Photography: Kfir Harbi

Happy Ending

In classical music, a little extra melody at the end of the piece is called “coda” and meant to be a beautiful and sometimes unexpected ending. Coda Dessert Bar has been named after this, as it does the same: provide a sweet little surprise to finish off a lovely meal. It is located in Neukölln and the beautiful website alone will make your mouth water. Their exquisite combinations combine unique flavours like hazelnut, plum, chocolate and even charcoal. A great choice of wines and whiskys rounds off the menu – and your evening.

Discover Neukölln’s hidden places


Don’t you just love marzipan? If you agree, then Wald Königsberger Marzipan is your place to go. The manufacture follows a traditional method resulting in a delicious handmade treat and offers a huge variety – in fact so huge it may be hard to decide which type to try first! Having been around for over one hundred years, you can taste all the experience in this family business. Find out more online and see for yourself why we made them a bitemojo partner.

Try Wald Königsberger Marzipan’s treats with your loved one!

Photography: Kfir Harbi


Another part of the bitemojo family you should look out for when on a food tour is Atelier Cacao. As you can see on their website, the variety they offer is huge, ranging from hot chocolate to nougat and tartes… and after all, there is no reason ever not to indulge in a chocolate moment. The small café is run by two friends and so inviting you might want to stretch your visit to a very long moment…

Photography: Kfir Harbi

Cupcake heaven

The Nikolai quarter next to Alexanderplatz is historic and looks like a small village nestled in between the buzzing TV tower area and the Spree river. It is so special and beautiful we just had to team up with a café there so you will know where to stop when sightseeing there. Tigertörtchen is famous for their homemade cupcakes, which are available in mini sizes too so you can try more. Find out all about it here.

Photography: Kfir Harbi

There is such a huge choice of desserts and sweet things to enjoy when you come to Berlin that we can’t honour all of them in this article. However, this small collection will hopefully inspre you to try at least some of them. In the end, there is nothing much to say to finish off this guide… sweet treats speak for themselves. Go on, you deserve it!

By Jessica Traupe
Our author Jessica lives in vibrant Berlin and worked in hospitality for some years. Through this she met people from all over the world, which sparked and reinforced her love for travelling. Thus she recently gave up her hotel job and decided to follow her other passion - writing. She now works as a freelancer copywriter and translator. What she loves most about this? "It allows me to combine all the things that matter to me: travelling a lot as I can work from anywhere, meeting and getting to know new people and working creatively", she says.

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