Top 5 Bites in Las Vegas
By Shannon Welch

While you might think of Las Vegas as the City of Sin, it is becoming more and more of a foodies paradise. New chefs are opening modern restaurants all over the valley, appealing to not only locals, but bringing in tourists from around the world! There are a few locals favorite meals that are made special just in Vegas!  From Harry Potter themed coffee-shops to world famous omelets, you will be shocked by the amazing snacks you will be blown away by the tastes of the desert.

Cactus Salad:

Cactus Salad, Las Vegas

It might sound a little cliche, but people of the desert love to eat cactus. Most people don’t even know that cactus is edible! Cactus is not only edible, it is tasty and has plenty of vitamin and minerals to help you stay healthy in the heat. Cactus salad is a delicious combination of nopales (cactus), tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, lemon and cilantro. It is usually eaten as an appetizer, or on top of some fresh toasted bread.

The best mexican cactus salad can be found at Lindo Michoacan Gourmet Mexican Cuisine.

10082 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV

World Famous Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not get it from the one of the best breakfast restaurants in the world. Though you may have to wait for a little while, the waffles and coffee at The Coffee Cup in Boulder City has been talked about world wide!

The Coffee Cup Cafe, Las Vegas

Though it is best known for its amazing omelets. This roadside diner has attracted Guy from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, who described the Pork Chili Verde omelet as nothing short of “the bomb.” The World Famous Coffee Cup has many visitors who bring coffee cups from home and we hang them around the restaurant. So don’t forget to bring your own mug to trade out with someone else’s from around the world!

The Coffee Cup Cafe

512 Nevada Highway, Boulder City, NV 89005

Hawaiian BBQ:

Hawaiian BBQ, Las vegas

Hawaiian culture has a large impact on the population of Las Vegas. Often called the 9th island, Las Vegas has the largest populations of Hawaiians outside of Hawaii. This also mean that it has the most Hawaiian BBQ Restaurants outside Hawaii. These small whole-in-the-wall restaurants are well loved by locals and often are some of the busiest places around town.

You can everything from traditional seaweed covered pork to the well loved sticky rice. The Fried Mahi (my personal favorite) and shrimp are perfectly cooked and never too greasy. If you want a traditional Hawaiian experience, without having to pay a bundle on a flight, take a bite of Hawaiian culture in Las Vegas.

Though there are many family owned Hawaii BBQ restaurants, my personal favorite has to be Aloha Hawaiian BBQ.

6475 Pecos Rd, Ste B, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Bad Owl Coffee:

Bad Owl Coffee, Las Vegas

Harry Potter fans rejoice! You can finally get a butterbeer without having to visit Hogwarts. Not only that, but you can visit the newest and most popular coffee house in Las Vegas. Bad Owl coffee is covered in little nods to the Harry Potter series, and often holds readings and books clubs with coffees named after popular spells and characters.

There slogan is “Serious coffee… with a hint of magic”. Bad owl coffee was raved about in Cosmopolitan magazine and Fox networks, and is the best up and coming coffee shop in Nevada. Don’t miss out on ordering your Butter Brew Latte and spending the day speaking spells to your fellow Hogwarts peers.

Bad Owl Coffee

10575 S Eastern Ave #160,

Henderson, NV, United States

Burnt Caramel S’Mores:

Burnt Caramel S’Mores, Las Vegas

My favorite thing about Las Vegas is the nightlife. I’m not talking about the bars and clubs, but the cafe’s and restaurants who turn the night into a campfire lovers paradise. Lots of amazing things come out of sitting around the bonfire. Whether it be bonding with strangers on the other side or making tasty snacks with friends.

Burnt Caramel S’mores are a favorite, as some cafe’s supply s’more kits, while some people bring their own. You toast the marshmallow to a golden brown and instead of mixing it with the traditional graham crackers and chocolate, you replace the chocolate with caramel! This makes a yummy melted caramel s’more. Great for dessert and late night fun.

The Pub

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Shannon Welch
By Shannon Welch

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