Top 5 Bites in Moscow, Russia
By Alexandra Bulygina

Moscow is really international city and provided a hundreds of different options to eat: Japanese, Indian, American, French and all other cuisines, but is it really so exciting to eat burgers or sushi in all countries? Of course, not! I wish you are brave and feel great about new food-adventures, even if they are purple color.

Seledka pod shuboi:

Seledka pod shuboi, Russia

This salad with herring and vegetables, colloquially known as herring under a fur coat. Usually in Russia we eat this for family events, like birthday party or New Eve celebration. Classical recipe contains layers in following order: herring, onion, potatoes, carrots, eggs, beet. After each layer of vegetables you will see the mayonnaise’s interlayer. As you can see from recipe, seledka pod shuboi is hearty meal, so first try a small piece, otherwise you will be full before desert (and we have very delicious sweets in Russia!).

Best Place to Eat: café Stolle, Bolshaya Sadovaya, 3, str.1, Moscow, Russia,


Borsht, Russia

Whenever somebody asked me about any Russian food, borsht is always the first who crossed my mind. The most popular Russian soup is made from beet and beef and in original recipe should be served with sour cream, which in Russia called “smetana”. Traditional borsht is deep reddish-purple color. Better eat soup with piece of rye bread or white bagel with garlic.

Best Place to Eat: café Mu-Mu, Klimentovskiy per., 10, str.1, Moscow, Russia


Blini, Russia

The international name of blini is Russian Pancakes, usually very popular for breakfast time. We can taste it with different toppings: fruits, sour-cream, sugar, butter or even with cottage cheese. Also there is an option to eat blini for lunch or supper. In this case you can order Blin with beef, ham and cheese or mushroom. If you want to taste the most popular Russian delicacy – red caviar, the best option to order Blin with caviar inside: the taste will not leave you indifferent! The “Teremok” is local network of small street and in-mall café, which specialize on Blini and Russian porridge. It’s really easy to find one of them whenever you are in Moscow.

Best Place to Eat: VDNH Estate 119, Prospect Mira, between 64 and 66 Pavilion, street food module, Moscow, Russia,


Pelmeni, Russia

As you can see, Russian cuisine is pretty hearty, and Pelmeni (dumplings) are not an exception. They consisting of a filling wrapped in thin dough. You can buy them even in supermarkets, but home-made dumplings much better! The filling can be minced meat: beef, pork, calf or any other kind of meet. Pelmeni are usually round shape, but there could be some variations. You can easily mix them up with Vareniki, which is also dumplings, but instead of meet the filling could be: potato, cottage cheese with raisins, mushrooms or cherry. To make it easier, manufactures do them with different shape – crescent.

Best Place to Eat: Korchma Taras Bulba, metro Aviamotornaya, Krasnokazarmennaya str, 6, Moscow, Russia


Okroshka, Russia

This cold soup contains cooked meat boiled eggs, potato, fresh radish, cucumber and onion with non-alcoholic beverage from fermented rye bread – “kvas”. If you don’t like kvass, you can order Okroshka with kefir. Kefir is a fermented milk drink made with fermentation bacteria. Even more, you can eat Okroshka like usual salad if you don’t like these beverages at all. The most popular time for serving Okroshka is warm season, cause it’s extremely refreshing and helps to satisfy hunger and thirst simultaneously.

Best Place to Eat: Elki-Palki, metro Komsomolskaya, Komsomolskaya square, 2, Moscow, Russia

Alexandra Bulygina
By Alexandra Bulygina

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