Top 5 Bites in Bahrain
By Kailey Sniffin
Bahrain hosts everything from American fast food restaurants to Italian pizza cafes and classic street food joints."

Bahrain is a multi-cultural epicenter. People from all over the world reside and travel here; providing an extensive array of ethnic food options. Bahrain hosts everything from American fast food restaurants to Italian pizza cafes and classic street food joints. Because of this it is easy to get lost in all the options and leave the island without ever truly trying anything unique to Bahrain! To help fix this I have compiled what I consider the five top bites of Bahrain to be; enjoy!


Tea Bite, Bahrain

Tea is the coffee of Bahrain. It is a daily staple. You will find it in rug shops, farmers markets, kitchen cupboards; everywhere. While the classic tea you will find made at home in Bahrain is black tea with brown sugar and tea milk (it is too die for), a fancier version would be “karak chai tea”. This milky tea is a perfect blend of spices and chai, giving it a cozy warmth. Best shared with friends and loved ones, you can find some great Karak tea at Roche Cafe located in Adliya. Another great option when going out is Masala chai tea. This tea is extremely rich and creamy, with a kick. It is great in the morning as a coffee replacement, as the caffeine content is high. I recommend going to “Passion’s” for a peaceful, local atmosphere and some great Masala Chai tea. Expect to see some exquisite tea pots and share some great conversations with friends over tea while in Bahrain.

I recommend Passion’s restaurant located down Shawarma alley in Adliya, Manama. If you walk down road 3816 you will pass Mino’s and an open courtyard area and should see a sign for Passion’s.

Or Roche Café located in Adliya, Manama off of street 2623.

Egg Pizza:

Egg Pizza, Bahrain

Perfect shared with some friends, Egg Pizza is a yummy twist on a regular egg dish. Layered with red sauce, egg and cheese, it has a nice kick and melts in your mouth. The best egg pizza is at Roche Cafe, a local joint in Adliya.  They also serve great Bahraini breakfast dishes, including a fabulous Karak tea.

Roche Café is located in Adliya Manama off of street 2623. It is a bit tricky to find, but google maps can help get you to street 2623 and then you will have arrived.

Shawarma and Fresh Juices:

Shawarma Bite, Bahrain%%%

Bahrain has a thriving street food scene. Local, busy, and easy on the wallet, a visit to Shawarma Alley is a must for 1st timers in Bahrain. And trust me you will quickly become a regular. Perfect for lunch, dinner or just an afternoon snack, the original chicken shawarma boasts chicken, a special sauce, shredded cabbage and French fries all wrapped in classic Indian Chapatti bread or tortilla. If tea is the coffee of Bahrain, then Shawarma is the burger.

 Costing roughly between 400 -600 fils, shawarma is paired perfectly with a fresh juice. The menu of juice choices is extensive and it is all fresh;

I recommend going with the slightly more expensive “sexy juice”. A delicious blend of fruits, including pomegranate and strawberry, it is the perfect companion to a shawarma lunch. Do not be deceived by the cheap or run down appearances of these hole in the wall mini-restaurants; the experience is authentic and the food amazing

Head to Osama bin Zaid Avenue in Adliya, lovingly known as “Shawarma Alley” for some great food.

 Hummus and Pita Bread:

Hummus and Pita Bread Bite, Bahrain

Say goodbye to boring store bought hummus once you try some true, real deal hummus. Best eaten with warm pita bread, authentic hummus is so good that is practically melts in your mouth.  For a relaxing atmosphere try the hummus at “Passions”. It also makes the perfect snack for late night conversations and some amazing hummus can be found at the local “Lulu’s hypermarket”. While you’re there pick up some fresh olives or Indian curry to go along with it. You won’t regret it.

Head to Passion’s restaurant located down road 3816 or to the nearest “Lulu’s Hypermarket” for some great hummus. There is a Lulu’s located in the Juffair Mall on road 2408. If there is a gas station next door you are in the right place.


Mulberries Bite, Bahrain

The Mulberry tree grows well in Bahrain and ample amounts of the berries can be bought from roadside vendors and the Bahrain Farmers Market. These berries make for a fantastic, sweet and healthy treat. Sour if not fully ripened, be sure to look for the darkest berries when buying. Always buy more than you think you will need, as they will disappear very quickly. I recommend stocking up on Mulberries at the Bahrain Farmers Market in Budiya. Enjoy a fun, ethnic atmosphere while stocking up on some great produce and berries.

Running Dec. thru June on Saturdays the Farmers Market is located in Budaiya garden, Budaiya.

Kailey Sniffin
By Kailey Sniffin
Having lived all over the globe, including Asia and North America, Kailey now resides in Bahrain. A freelancer and travel addict, she loves meeting new people, music, and of course trying new foods.
You can see more of her work on her travel blog @ and check out her adventures on her instagram @kai_ .

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