Top 5 Bites in Yerevan, Armenia
By Artyom Levonyan
Frankly speaking, Armenians are meat lovers.

Visiting Armenia? Well, be ready to eat a lot. In the countryside you’ll be treated in every single house. When in Yerevan, you can eat in restaurants, bistros, cafes, basically anywhere. In supermarkets you can buy food prepared on-site.

Armenian cuisine is very rich, but most of the dishes take long to prepare. There are even dishes that take a couple of days to prepare. But let me tell you about the ones that are delicious and quick to prepare. Some of them you can find on the streets of Yerevan, others in bistros and the rest in restaurants.


Dolma Bite, Armenia

Dolma is a traditional Armenian dish. It also occurs in the cuisines of the neighboring countries, but with different interpretations. The main ingredients of dolma are beef and rice, which are wrapped in grape leaves or stuffed in vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes and pepper. You will not get enough of it because it tastes heavenly.

Dolma is usually served with red dry wine, bread and yogurt. By the way Armenian wine is another must try when in Yerevan.

40 Tumanyan street, Yerevan


Lahmajo, Armenia

There is a long history behind lahmajo, or to be precise, how lahmajo appeared in Armenia. It was brought by Armenians who had once migrated to Middle East and later returned back to Armenia. That is why there are some spices in lahmajo which are more common for the Middle Eastern cuisine.

Lahmajo is a thin piece of crispy flatbread topped with minced beef, seasoned with some appetizing spices and herbs. It’s prepared in a special oven made of clay (locals call it tonir) and is often served with lemon, the sourness of which gives a unique taste to lahmajo. Armenians usually drink tan (Armenian yogurt drink) with lahmajo, which goes perfectly well with it.

23 Teryan Street, Yerevan

 Jengyalov Hac:

Jengyalov Hac, Armenia

Frankly speaking, Armenians are meat lovers. If there is no meat on the table, the dinner seems incomplete. Despite this, there are plenty of Armenian dishes that are ideal for vegans. Jengyalov Hac is one of them. I’m not an herb lover myself, but when I went to Nagorno Karabakh, the home of Jengyalov Hac, I tried a piece and…it was a love at first bite.

Jengyalov Hac is a flatbread with an assortment of about 20 types of fresh herbs most of which grow only in the territory of Karabakh. It is served with butter which melts in the hot dish and makes it even more delightful. In short, vegan or not vegan, when in Yerevan, make sure you try Jengyalov Hac.

62 Teryan Street, Yerevan


Basturma, Armenia

Not everyone can make a good basturma. It’s a long process and not everyone’s efforts may turn out well. Basically basturma is a beef prepared and cured in a unique way. The meat is dried and covered with cumin. Cumin in its turn is made of a garlic, salt and pepper mixture.

Armenians add basturma to omelette, but it’s also considered as a part of meat assortment. Among the Yerevan street food, you can find sandwiches and toasts with basturma, which taste simply divine. Definitely try basturma both in omelette and toasts!

3/1 Abovyan Street, Yerevan

 Black Angus:

Black Angus, Armenia

To be honest, this burger is made of Irish Angus beef. But it’s seasoned with spices that are specific to Armenian cuisine and the receipts come from an Armenian, the owner of the burger chain. As always, the story goes like this…he used to prepare burgers for his family and friends, everyone liked the burgers, and, why not, he started a business to sell his passion to everyone.

So coming back to the burgers, eating only one of them can make you full all day. The burger comes with French fries and soda or juice of your choice. So if you are a meat lover than don’t pass by the Black Angus burgers when you’re in Yerevan.

2/5 Abovyan Street, Yerevan

Artyom Levonyan
By Artyom Levonyan
Artyom Levonyan is a 12 years experienced columnist and TV reporter. His passion is traveling and that is why 3 years ago he left his routine job and started working as a freelancer and travel blogger. Now he is exploring the world and writing about travel adventures. You can get in touch with him through email:[email protected], and follow him on Instagram, @artyomlevonyan.

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