Top 5 Bites in Cebu, Philippines
By Issa Perez
The Phillipines also a place where you can find food that will not only leave you full but will also fill you with long lasting memories.

The Philippines has always been famous for their friendly people and beautiful, picturesque destinations. But more than that, it is also a place where you can find food that will not only leave you full but will also fill you with long lasting memories.

Cebu, which is also known as the Queen City of the South, is an island in the Philippines best known for their picturesque nature spots, delicious food, bright culture and beautiful people. With it being the “second city” of the country, you can expect a good mixture of the city and province life all rolled into one.

Here are the top 5 things you should look for when traveling here:


Cebuanos are known for making the best lechon in the world. Many countries have tried to recreate their own versions of this slow roasted pig over charcoal but somehow, Cebu always takes the crown.

Lechon Bite, Phillipine

Although there are many places to eat Lechon in Cebu, a personal favorite of mine has always been Tatang’s Lechon. Other than the fact that dining there gives you the full Filipino experience, they also offer different variations of this dish that infuse lechon with other famous Filipino native dishes.


The term “sutukil” is an abbreviation of 3 Cebuano terms: sugba which means to grill, tuwa which means to stew and kilaw which means to cook raw with vinegar. Sutukil has always been a favorite among locals and tourists alike and the best part about this is, it never goes out of season. Because Cebu is blessed with abundant sea life resources, Cebuano’s have been able to practice their resourcefulness and creativity into their dishes which has resulted in this gastronomic experience.

Sutukil Bite, Phillipine

The best places to go to to complete your Sutukil experience are: Seafood City, STK Ta Bai and the Mactan Shrine.

Tuslob Buwa:

Tuslob buwa is another exotic Cebuano dish that only made its mainstream appearance in the more recent years. Directly translated to English, tuslob buwa actually means “to dip” and “bubbles” which is how this dish is meant to be eaten.

The origins of this dish lie within the busy downtown area of Cebu which is also surrounded by lots of poverty. During certain parts of the day, vendors would head to this area and the cook pig’s brains and other innards in a deep dish where the needy would only pay for rice and would dip the rice into the bubbles which is where tuslob buwa got its name from.

In the more modern parts of the city, you do not have to worry about sharing pots with strangers as places like Azul offer you with your own set up for you to enjoy with family and friends. It may sound like an odd dish but trust me, it tastes better than it looks!

Tuslob Buwa Bite, Phillipine

Street Food/ Barbeque:

The Cebuano way of dining is mostly about the experience which involves eating in weird places or even eating weird things. Any Cebuano will tell you that their best experiences are spent in public, outdoor restaurants which involve lots of smoke, noise and good food.

 A few famous street food are barbeque (chicken & pork including barbequed chicken blood; chicken feet; etc.), tempura, fish balls, ginabot and taho.

 A few places you would want to visit are:  Larsians, Matias, AA Bbq & Yaski

Every Filipino Food in the Book!

There are soo many Filipino dishes that originate from different parts of the Philippines. And although it would be impossible to travel each part of the Philippines in order to taste them all, it is possible to taste them all under one roof!

Filipino specialty restaurants are located everywhere in Cebu and they all offer various Filipino dishes from all over the Philippines which is great especially if you want to experience the Philippines’ food without having to travel all over for it!

The best places to go for these dishes are Hukad, Lantaw, Chikaan, and Kuya J’s.

Filipino Food Bite, Phillipine

Issa Perez
By Issa Perez
Issa Perez is a blogger/ vlogger from the Philippines who loves to talk and write about fashion, food and lifestyle. Having grown up in the States, she admits to feeling a bit detached to her Filipino culture but is slowly and surely reconnecting to her roots. Find out more about her and her adventures on

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