Top 5 Bites in Macedonia
By Ivana Blagojevic
The cuisine is always a favorite for foreigners.

On this little piece of country for many years the people have build immense wealth. One of the most beautiful inheritance that we have are the traditional and unrepeatable recipes and food. From flesh and stretched to roast and boiled type of dishes.

 Today, part of the secret bits on the sewn super midwife is protected both Macedonian brands, a part always will remain the best of the Macedonian menu. The cuisine is always a favorite for foreigners, who are always enchanted from our traditional dishes and make them to drive all over the world and make  them to come back here and eat again.

 Are you asking about  top 5 bites to eat in Macedonia?

 It is important to know that the recipes are beautiful only and only if you are willing to domestic products produced in the garden of my grandmother.

 Number one is definitely the Majesty, “sarma”. This bite is a mixture of ground meat (usually beef or pork) and rice, wrapped in cabbage or grape leaf. There is a houses that does smeIIs hardly on this specialty of pickled cabbage and minced meat, and there is not a person who does not enjoy the authentic taste of dishes whose recipe is kept for decades. Now, imagine your meal, where you can try on dozens of sarmi prepared by the greatest masters.

Sarma Bite, Macedonia

This bite you can try all over in Macedonia, in every restaurant or if you have some friends in each city you can ask them to make for you. If you want to eat in restaurant I recommend you to go in Nase_Mesto in Skopje, capital city of Macedonia. The address is street 30 , number. 36 , INTERMALL or you can go in restaurant Baba Cana which is located in the Vodno, or go in restaurant Kaj Zlate on the center of the city near to university Sv. Kiril and Metodij. Skopje

Bite number two bit that you need to try when you are traveling in Macedonia is unique delicion and traditional ajvar. This exquisite dish is prepared extremely thick and big red peppers whose odor when baking will starve as never eating. Through the hands of housewives, fine grinding machine, ending in a grand pot who look as volcanic lava switches from one to the other. Best eaten when you’re alone and you have a warm and crunchy homemade bread baked in the oven. It’s so good and tasty that will not stop until you eat. This bit you can try only in the winter, because this dish is a winter specialty.

Ajvar Bite, Macedonia

People prepare this bit during the summer period when you do not go to work on summer vacation, so what works for large amounts of pepper and needs huge amount of time until the preparation of this dish. If you go during the spring or summer, do not hope that you will find this type of bit. This one you can buy in big supermarkets in Macedonia like TInex, Elida, Vero, or if you want to eat traditional homemade ajvar you need to go in city Strumica and you can buy from street sellers. In the other cities in Macedonia you can try this bit too, but original is from Strumica because they have most delicious peppers for this bit. This bit you can try in fish restaurant Pilikatnik, (who is located on the street Gjorgji Vasilev – Strumica ) with some homemade cooked fished and special Macedonian drink rakija, which is make from grapes and 50 % alcohol.

 Bite number three is the Macedonian beans pan. From the small box pleats in the village at the hands of industrious diggers, large and mature beans,  beans which will be prepared in an earthenware pot with lots of onions, red peppers, parsley and many other spices creates the unique Macedonian beans pan. This is tasty and so merrier bit! This bit is very old and traditional, in the past people eat beans pan just in Wednesday and Friday and they cooked without meet, because these are the days when people fasted. In the old days this bit people eat who worked on the field, now you can try and eat this bit every day, and you don’t need to fast, because this days Macedonian beans pan is full with fresh meat.

Beans pan Bite, Macedonia

This bite you can eat every were in Macedonia, in all restaurants, but if you want to go and try the best beans then you should go in city Tetovo, because that city is the famous for the beans. There you have the best big natural delicious bens from all Macedonia. This bit you can find in one of the best restaurant in Tetovo – Bela Mia , which is located in Goce Delcev 108 street or you can go in restaurant Beloski Biseri which is located near Vratnica, and restaurant Tivoli which is located in the street Ilirija 19 – Tetovo

Bite number four: In our nation, there is a story that saying that the night of epiphany night people make a  wish and eat Paca. Although they are preparing  for the holiday of the Holy Cross, when otherwise achieved, eat them on the day of Epiphany in honor of the baptism of Jesus Christ. They are indispensable to the glory of St. John. This bit is very traditional bit and everyone eat with pleasure. Ingredients that make this dish so delicious are : the feet, ears, connective tissue, tendons, tails and something else from  pork or beef origin. Common to them all is that they are made of connective tissue that makes up more than 90% of their weight.

Paca Bite, Macedonia

Connective tissue, consisting of collagen protein macromolecules and protein elastin. The main function of collagen has – a large molecule that is composed of small molecule troptokolagen mutually chemically bonded with water molecules. Just a way of connecting with water collagen is a feature that allows the collagen which binds water to get in touch. This bit you can eat all over Macedonia, but for the best you should come in my city Kumanovo ( near to Serbian border). If you have some friends in this city and if you are coming after 19 th January then you can try this bit, because just that week people make. If you want to eat in restaurant go in Baba Cana, the oldest, most famous restaurant with most delicious food.  You can find this restaurant on this street : Partizanska br 3 ,1300 Kumanovo

gjomleze Bite, Macedonia]

And the last is the wonderful cubes cooked on hot plate and baked in every taste. What I want to talk about is some delicious bit with name gjomleze. This bit have taste that will haunt every moment and persuasive do not stop. Nothing can replace the original recipe and method of preparation of granny. This bit you can try in Struga, the city near Albanian border, close to the Ohrid lake, because this one is traditional and most famous bit for this city.

All these bites you will find and you can try if you go to visit someone in Macedonia, or if you visit some of the restaurants all over Macedonia that have affordable price. Just to tell you that it is important to go to the old traditional restaurants that have a look in ethno style. You do not have to schedule and book a table, because in Macedonia at every step has one restaurant. And each restaurant has its own orchestra, which creates a wonderful ambience to the old traditional song.

Ivana Blagojevic
By Ivana Blagojevic
My name is Ivana Blagojevic i have 29 years and i am from Kumanovo , Macedonia. I have finished University in Skopje and i speak more than 8 languages. My passion is travel , people , different cultural food, photography and to see beautiful place at world more that i can. So i spend a lot of my time to travel all over the world, I have visited a lot of place in the world and i have so many pictures from every were. Getting away, doing something fun and adventurous, seeing cool things, and meeting different people. It all sounds so exciting.t feels like too much work to get a trip off the ground and yourself out the door. I think thats why many of us spend so much time dreaming about traveling rather than actually doing it. But traveling is one of the most life-affirming things you can do for yourself.

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