Top 5 Bites in New York City
By Andrea Robinson
The local bites in NYC are scrumptious!

Living in a city so big, there are literally thousands of options for what to have for lunch or dinner. I can imagine travelers flying to NYC are bombarded with ‘restaurants to dine in’ or ‘best place to come for lunch’. Forget the heavily advertised culinary businesses and exaggerated reviews –what food bites do native New Yorkers actually crave most? Here are the 5 bites to eat in NYC if you want to eat like a true New Yorker.


Bagel Bite, New York City

Yes, Americans love their bagels, and New York is famous for having the best. This is one ‘traditional’ food you will want to get a taste of in the city. The choices are overwhelming as you can expect everything from traditional bagels to hybrid ones! You may have heard about the city’s incredibly popular rainbow bagels, and no trip to NYC would be complete without one. Even a plain bagel is great in the city, but why try plain when you could get a grilled cheese or bacon bagel? There is a bagel option to satisfy any flavor craving you may have.

To make the most of your bagel experience, go to Sadelle’s at 463 W. Broadway, nr. Prince St. ( We promise you will not be disappointed.


Burger Bite, New York City

Thick meat sandwiched between two buns – oh, that is so mouthwatering! NYC has fully embraced the burger craze, and you can find delicious and creative burger options everywhere throughout the city! You can find burgers with every topping imaginable – NYC will not disappoint! For me, it is impossible to pass up smoked beef burgers with BBQ sauce in New York-and you can try yourself at The Spotted Pig, 314 W 11th Street (


Pizza Bite, New York City

New York does pizza like no other – and don’t you dare eat it with a fork! New Yorkers go crazy for their pizza with a thick layer of cheese topped with anything you could ever wish for. This food bite is always available nearby no matter where you are in the city – you can always find a slice! The best pizza candidates are too many, but you can’t go wrong, so just grab a slice and eat it as you wander through the city. The thin crust and crisp edge make it easy to fold and bite! There is nothing like a classic combo of rich mozzarella, sausage, onions and peppers combined into a divine bite at Di Farra Pizza in Brooklyn, 1424 Avenue


Taco Bite, New York City

Tacos, stuffed with juicy meat and a wide variety of toppings, are perfect for busy people on the go – probably why this is an all-time favorite bite for New Yorkers. It is probably the best thing you can have when you are not too hungry but you want to snack. New Yorkers enjoy this popular and delicious food in so many ways that you are sure to find the perfect combination for your tastes. There are many spin offs from the traditional taco, from the fish taco to Lebanese-American stuffed fillings, so be adventurous and try something new! If you are in a mood for the best Mexican food in NY, visit Dos Toros at 137 4th Avenue (

Waffles and all things creamy:

Waffle Bite, New York City

NYC is home to some of the greatest tastes of waffles! Eating waffles is practically an American pastime, and New Yorkers take the experience to the next level! A waffle with a syrupy drizzle is one of the best ways to start the day, but why stop there? You can find awesome waffle options in New York at any time of the day or night! If you want another option for your sweet tooth, cream puffs should be on your list. Beard Papa is one of the locations I keep coming back to. The Upper East Side knows this too well. The creamy inside with crispy choux puffs and a light and flavorful taste – you will not regret it! Try vanilla! Head for one of the Petite Abeille restaurant at 44 West 17th Street ( and enjoy yourself.

The local bites in NYC are scrumptious and you don’t necessarily have to look for the restaurants that claim to be the best. Simply put, pick the foods that represent New York City without any labels and that should give you a taste of this place.

Andrea Robinson
By Andrea Robinson
Here is Andrea Robinson, a freelance writer for over 5 years. I have completed my degree in Mass communication, Being a writer, I have written short ebooks and multiple blogs and articles for online and offline clients. Here is another piece of my writing.

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