Top 5 Bites in Skopje, Macedonia
By Katina Gjinoska
Macedonian cuisine features some specific characteristics of the Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisine."

Ексклузивна Чоколада Bite, Macedonia

Centrally located, landlocked and surrounded by five countries, Macedonia was the crossroad for many civilizations and historical event that changed the world. Due to its history, location, and climate, Macedonian cuisine features some specific characteristics of the Eastern European, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisine.

I moved to Skopje 2 years ago due to work duties. It is a completely new culinary experience compared to my birth city Gostivar. The atmosphere, the vibrant energy, and the people make it different. The city known for its Skopsko beer and the saying “Skopsko and everything is possible” (Скопско и се е можно) has proven that this saying is true. Once you arrive in Skopje you will understand why.

Македонскo макало, пинџур и ајвар – Macedonian Makalo, Pindzur and Ajvar:

Македонскo макало, пинџур и ајвар Bite, Macedonia

Meze is a Macedonian word, which refers to something that is eaten before the main dish or in another words starter typically spread on bread. When you combine the Macedonian Makalo, Pindzur and Avjar you get the perfect Macedonian Meze.  Makalo is made with mashed potato, dry red peppers, and garlic. It has a light reddish creamy color. Pindzur is made of tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, and seasons. Ajvar is the most hardest to be made as it requires first peeling the red papers and later frying them which takes many hours. All of them are usually served with a bread or breadsticks. Macedonian meze has a long tradition as people used to serve this homemade relish when they had guest coming over, toasting with an alcoholic drink, rakija.

I recommend that you try this delicious Macedonian food at Restoran Vodenica Mulino,

Кебапи – Kebabs:

Кебапи Bite, Macedonia

Kebabs are typical Balkan minced meat with, sausage shaped that are fried and served with a baked flatbread, chopped onions, and a green pepper. What gives them the unique taste is the variety of herbs, which are added to the meat.  This type of food was brought to the Balkan region in the 14th century when the region was ruled by the Ottoman Empire. When ordering, make sure you get at least 10 kebabs.

Kebabs can be found everywhere in the city, yet they are not prepared and served the same way as in Destan, located in the Skopje Old Town, Bazaar.

Ексклузивна Чоколада –  Exclusive Chocolate:

Ексклузивна Чоколада Bite, Macedonia

The word tells it all, this exclusive chocolate is quite new but it fast become the favorite one among the chocolate lovers. The Exclusive chocolate is made with a dark chocolate which when combined with dried orange pieces or halve walnuts has a bittersweet flavor. The chocolate has several varieties including the chocolate with dried orange pieces, chocolate with halve walnuts, chocolate with dried cranberries and chocolate with nuts.

The chocolate is available to buy it wrapped weighting 150 grams and 400 grams or you have the option to get as much as you want from the display.

Ексклузивна Чоколада Bite, Macedonia

The chocolate factory Evropa has several shops in the town and you can get your daily sugar dose in any of them.

Селско Месо – Selsko Meso:

Селско Месо Bite, Macedonia

This distinctive rustic dish is made of pieces of pork meat, ground meat, onions, mushrooms, smoked bacon, tomatoes, and spices. The dish is topped with cheese and grinded dry red peppers. This traditional dish dates from centuries ago and people used to prepare it in a clay pot and leave in by their village fire. Because it is a mix of three types of meat, delicious flavor as every bite tastes differently. The red pepper gives it a bit spicy taste, whereas the bacon adds that smoked flavor.  Selsko meso is usually served in earthenware pan with a piece of flatbread.

The recommended place where you can try this dish is the Etno Bar, located in the Gradski Trgovski Centar, overlooking the River Vardar.

Палачинка Воденица – Pancake Vodenica:

Палачинка Воденица Bite, Macedonia

Original recipe, unique look and delicious taste when combined you will get the Pancake Vodenica. The dessert is extraordinary and it is completely different from what you are used to eat.  The pancake is served hot as previous has been boiled in sweet cream and later  topped with grinded walnuts on one side and caramelizes fruits including apple, banana, pear, kiwi, strawberry and grape on the other half. It is served in a plate, which has a quite interesting look.

The only place in Macedonia where you can get this unique pancake is at the Boat Hotel Senigallia, docked along the River Vardar.

At the end of the day, grab the city’s most popular beer, Skopsko and enjoy the night.

Skopsko Beer Bite, Macedonia

Katina Gjinoska
By Katina Gjinoska

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