Top Street Food in Berlin
By Jessica Traupe

The world we live in these days gets crazier and busier all the time. More and more often we only have a few minutes to spare for a meal, yet our ambitions rise and most people seek a wider variety. Street food is the new trend, as it offers a great alternative to old-fashioned hamburgers and hot dogs.

Luckily, Berlin is a very versatile city that has a lot of stalls, food trucks and delis to offer. Not sure where to go first? We have put together a few suggestions that will suit both the relaxed and the rushed visitor.

BiteMojo-Neukoeln Tour

Special ambience

Craving some fresh street food on a rainy day? Markthalle Neun it is! What used to be an old market hall in the middle of Kreuzberg is now buzzing with foodies, who come together at this location on every Thursday evening to taste all kinds of artisan dishes. Pulled pork burgers, udon noodles, German apple cake… there isn’t any kind of food you won’t find here. Old brick walls, ale-benches and fairy lights – all of this adds to the special atmosphere of this wonderful place. Alternatively, on a sunny (Satur-)day you will find the same spirit at Neue Heimat in Friedrichshain, which has indoor and outdoor seating as well and is just as vibrant.


This is for your inner traveler that fancies something as un-German as possible. Every Sunday, a great part of Berlin’s Thai population comes together on Preußenwiese in Berlin’s modern West. Known among locals as Thaiwiese (= Thai meadow), this place soon becomes busy with people grilling chicken skewers and stirring fried noodles. This is your place to go for some authentic Thai food, which you can buy right off the housewives’ picnic blankets. A very unique experience!


A great stop for a bite is our partner Bottega No. 6. The cosy atmosphere of a little Italian café and the delicious Mediterranean street food make every day perfect. By the way, their pasta is legendary! If you are curious about the rest of the menu, find them on Facebook, as they do not have a website yet.

Discover Bottega No. 6 in our Neukölln food tour!

Photography: Kfir Harbi


If you prefer it the quieter way, come and have a seat at our bitemojo partner tak tak polish deli, where you will be able to taste a variety of Polish street food delicacies, like pierogi or hearty soups. All of their dishes are made with organic ingredients. If you wish to find out more about the tempting menu, head to their website.

Bite into Tak Tak’s pierogis


Quick Coffee

Feeling full after some great food and longing for an espresso? Or are your feed tired and you need to refuel with a quick bite and great coffee? Rixbox in Neukölln will cater for all those needs. Their website will tell you more about what to expect when visiting this quirky location.

As you can see, there is no need to be hungry in Berlin! You will find great food on almost every corner, and with our guide, you will know where to look closer!

By Jessica Traupe
Our author Jessica lives in vibrant Berlin and worked in hospitality for some years. Through this she met people from all over the world, which sparked and reinforced her love for travelling. Thus she recently gave up her hotel job and decided to follow her other passion - writing. She now works as a freelancer copywriter and translator. What she loves most about this? "It allows me to combine all the things that matter to me: travelling a lot as I can work from anywhere, meeting and getting to know new people and working creatively", she says.

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